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The banking and financial services industry is rapidly changing. Today’s complex, competitive market is dictated by mobile access, quick turns, changing regulations, Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and improving the customer experience.

All Star Software’s solutions for banks and financial institutions is a digital-based software platform that allows banks, wealth management, and lending institutions to improve business processes, thus helping achieve a competitive advantage.

Most financial institutions have automated their business processes anywhere from 25% to 40% by typically utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Business Process Automation software (i.e. workflow software) to achieve results. However, there are significant process gaps that still exist that automation tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can fill. RPA will drive down operational costs by eliminating manual data entry (in coordination with OCR), automating manual and repetitive user tasks, automating system to system connections and eliminating costly backend system integrations.


All Star Software has extensive experience deploying OCR software, robotic process automation (
RPA), and workflow solutions which have been deployed in numerous business applications within the following areas:

  • Retail and Commercial Banking
  • Wealth and Investment Management
  • Financial Process Automation (FPA)

Retail and Commercial Banking

New Account Opening

  • Streamline the onboarding of new customers by deploying a process that automatically opens a new account.

Consumer Loans

  • Build a modern, automated solution that streamlines loan processing and communication with customers.


  • Revolutionize your old, antiquated, paper-based processes with a digital-based solution that actively engages borrowers and lenders to meet SLA’s.

Customer Self-Service

  • Meet the demands of today’s consumers who do not want to wait in line at the branch and require instant responses. Deploy options for banking transactions and make mobility a part of your strategy.

Customer Due Diligence

  • Find automated ways to comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Branch Capture

  • Provide superior on-the-spot processing as well as fast access to funds and document verification at the branch.

Wealth and Investment Management

Equity Research and Financial Data

  • Scale and automate the acquisition of financial data and equity research with an integrated platform that feeds real-time data directly into your business intelligence and analytics solutions.

High Net Worth Transformation

  • Automate your onboarding and customer communications management processes through an open, flexible information management automation software that allows high-net worth customers to engage with your business via the channel of their choice.

Trade Management Software Optimization

Drive efficiencies within your International Trade Management Process by automating trade confirms and distribution of transactions while at the same time improving accuracy by reducing manual data entry.

Financial Process Automation (FPA)

FPA works with your ERP software to streamline the procure to pay, quote to cash, and financial close (record to report) business process cycles. Deploying a platform that captures and extracts relevant data, automatically routes the extracted data to a workflow process, and integrates to your financial ERP system, will add value to the process, eliminate data entry, and provide visibility for analysis.

Accounts Payable and Procure to Pay

  • Accounts payable automation is usually the first step toward automating the entire procure to pay process. This allows for major gains in efficiency, and a reduction in operational costs.

Quote to Cash

  • Studies indicate that over 80% of sales orders are non-electronic. Automating the sales order process accelerates receivables, and speeds up the collection of cash.

Record to Report (Financial Close)

  • Financial posting in some organizations is still a manual process. Automating the accounting posting process insures better decisions and helps insure regulatory compliance.

Digital Mailroom

  • Streamline the capture of incoming mail from paper, email, fax or EDI sources and deliver content to core ERP banking software systems in order to drive efficiency and improve accuracy.

Operational Reporting and Compliance

  • Meeting compliance requirements is difficult since the data required typically is housed outside of the bank within a third- party application. By deploying an integrated OCR, RPA and Workflow software, banks are in a strong position to meet the constant changing compliance regulations.


In order to meet the competitive and operational challenges in today’s banking and financial services marketplace, numerous integrated technologies are required to effectively solve the problem.

All Star Software is uniquely positioned to meet the demands in this evolving market by deploying one or more of the 6 pillars of Information Management and Automation technology: Document Capture, Data Capture, Workflow Optimization, Content Automation Services, Integration, Conversion and Migration. Depending on your needs and requirements, a combination of this technology will be required. With All Star’s multiple vendors and product capability, an unbiased recommendation is provided based on what is best for the customer and not based on the products a single vendor is restricted to sell, implement and support.

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