All Star Software Systems was founded on the concept of ACCELERATING business processes through the use of multiple software and hardware products implemented as an integrated solution. Without a focused vision and goal, All Star would not be the first class systems integrator it is today. What once began as a two-employee operation has grown to an organization delivering mission critical solutions to multi-billion dollar organizations around the world. Below are the founders of All Star who have crafted the focus, vision and success of the company since 2002.

Paul Pitts

Vice President of Operations & Technology

Mr. Pitts has more than twenty years of designing and delivering commercial content management related solutions in the area of system integration and professional services. His focus on quality and “doing things right” drives him to continue to improve processes he has built over the past two decades.

As a previous executive of a company that built and sold what use to be called “imaging” and “document management” software, he established his core values for management and was responsible for directing more than half of the employees of the company, including: Support, QA, Consulting, Training and IT as Vice President. In addition to providing him with a well-rounded background in the core technologies that have grown into the more sophisticated solutions that All Star offers today, he was also able to develop the foundation of the procedures used for project management and successful roll out of much larger systems that are used globally.

Mr. Pitts graduated from the University of Connecticut with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Attended the University of New Haven for graduate studies in Computer Science and continues to adopt existing best practices and develop new ones based on his continued research, seminars and studies.

Paul Johndrow

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Paul Johndrow is Vice President of All Star Software Systems’ Sales and Marketing departments and has held that position since 2002.

Mr. Johndrow’s responsibilities encompass the management of sales, sales engineering, marketing, customer account management and vendor relations. He has built his departments around solution specialization and product knowledge and fosters a culture to emphasize; accomplishing work with an unparalleled level of detail, providing the best software and services for a reasonable price and employing people who have a passion for success.

Mr. Johndrow started All Star Software Systems in 2002 along with his business partner Paul Pitts. Prior to All Star, he was Enterprise Solutions Manager at ImageMax, Regional Sales Manager at FYI Image, Regional Sales Manager at Westbrook Technologies and Professional Services Technician at Westbrook Technologies.

Mr. Johndrow’s past professional services experience while working for Westbrook Technologies has given him a strong technical background with the ability to sell based on his technical knowledge rather than sales and marketing theory. His move to a regional sales manager for the same company gave him the ability to work with hundreds systems integrators exposing him to many experiences which were instrumental in defining the core values of All Star Software Systems.

Mr. Johndrow is a former United States Air Force non-commissioned officer and holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from the New England Institute of Technology.

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