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Our Partner: Hyland Software

Hyland connects your content, processes and line of business systems with their proven content services platform.  Hyland's core competence has been document management, workflow automation and case management since the 1990's.  Over the years, these words have merged into the term "Content Services".  Workflow, case management, robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR), document management are all services that can be applied to content being captured or being produced which can be tightly integrated with your line of business applications.



OnBase is a content services platform that organizes, manages and optimizes your content, processes and cases.

OnBase empowers your organization to become more agile, efficient and effective. Here’s how OnBase helps you deliver better customer and employee experiences.

  • Automated multichannel capture
    Intelligently capture and process business data from various sources with automatic classification and verification for immediate use.
  • Reporting and analytics
    Gain visibility into your content and processes in real time with interactive dashboards and audit trails of all content-related activities.
  • Process automation
    Automate repeatable tasks, route documents and manage exceptions using tools such as configurable workflows, customizable forms and built-in rules.
  • Case management
    Manage all content and processes surrounding cases, from documents, emails and tasks to approvals, compliance and verifications.
  • Collaboration
    Securely share content and collaborate with tools like co-authoring, version control, tasks and notifications, and enhanced security and control.
  • Retention and records management
    Manage your information through its entire lifecycle by automating the secure retention and destruction of your documents and records.
  • The OnBase power user experience
    OnBase users get a personalized, complete view of the information needed to make informed decisions and push business forward.



More efficient processes, more fulfilled people. No more busywork, no more bottlenecks. That’s the power of RPA.

Assemble your digital workforce with Hyland RPA, a comprehensive robotic automation software suite that provides true end-to-end automation.

  • Analyze tasks, processes and workflows to optimize automation
    Hyland RPA automatically captures, compiles and sequences process steps, recognizes unique elements for process tracking and documents all user interactions.
  • Design and build new automations easily
    Using low-code drag-and-drop tools, Hyland RPA integrates with core systems, including automation process parameters and output process scripts for bot execution.
  • Run automated processes enterprise-wide
    Working alongside humans, Hyland RPA increases efficiency by reallocating idle bots with unique task “pulling” and processes any task type with a farm of multifunctional bots.
  • Manage automations from one central interface
    Hyland RPA provides a central view for management and customization, enables real-time monitoring, controlling and reporting and offers intuitive modification controls.



Brainware is an advanced intelligent capture solution that uses human-like capabilities to classify, extract and validate.

The more you use Brainware, the more efficient it becomes at finding and interpreting data on each information source that goes through your organization.

Use Brainware across the enterprise to:

  • Increase process efficiency
  • Reduce errors and redundancy
  • Improve information governance

Content Composer


Content Composer by Hyland provides a complete customer communications management (CCM) solution. By creating and managing personalized communications and omni‑channel delivery, Content Composer helps
organizations increase engagement with external parties. Designed to integrate with enterprise applications and office productivity software, Content Composer features powerful creation, distribution, and management tools to improve efficiency, productivity and consistency.

  • Improves customer engagement with timely, personalized communications designed for the customer’s preferred format and device.
  • Consolidates communication applications with a single, enterprise-ready tool able to manage high-output volumes, complex document formats and omni-channel delivery.
  • Supports the creation of communications through direct integration with core business systems and familiar screens, providing communication in context.
  • Promotes data integrity by pulling information values directly from multiple systems, eliminating errors and leveraging the most up-to-date information from the primary source.
  • Eases administrative burden by decentralizing template authoring, editing and allowing business units to participate in the creation of their correspondence.
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