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Business Process Automation Solutions

Our Business Process Automation Solutions aim to streamline and optimize workflows within an organization by automating manual tasks, reducing errors, and improving efficiency.

Learn about the solutions you can use to automate your transactions and processes, support your workforce, and modernize for the future. Explore further about our solutions.

Accounts Payable


Transform your department with an accounts payable automation solution, driven by our industry-leading content services platform. With intelligent data capture, workflow automation, and seamless integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you’ll improve visibility, gain control, and increase efficiency across each stage of your accounts payable processes.


Accounts Receivable


Accounts receivable automation software overhauls your accounts receivable department’s manual processes. The software can eliminate data entry from remittance and automate the matching of the remittance advice with your invoices. Even document storage and retrieval can be centralized and made much simpler than what is typically provided by your banking institutions.

Sales Order


Sales order automation eliminates entering data into your order system.  Validating part numbers and terms, and routing orders – among other tasks – streamlines labor that was once manual. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a business rules engine, processing sales orders becomes a nearly touchless experience for your customer service and sales employees while the system “learns” how to eliminate simple decision-based tasks.




Our vendor solutions allow users to interact with vendor information, contract details, vendor ratings, performance management, incident tracking, related documents, as well as notes and task scheduling in one central location. With these types of solutions, companies can standardize vendor sourcing, monitor issues, and report on vendor compliance and performance.

Contract Lifecycle Management


All Star manages the complete contract lifecycle from contract request through contract activation, automating predictable steps while empowering staff to complete knowledge-driven work. One complete view of all data, documents, correspondence, processes, and tasks eliminates the need to jump between multiple applications, spreadsheets, or file shares. Meanwhile, reporting functionality and dashboard views increase visibility from day one through the life of the contract.



Human Resources


Human resources automation enables organizations to manage files, cases, and processes around various HR tasks.  The software provides instant access to this information from any location or device with the appropriate security.  While many HRIS/HCM applications have some flavor of this functionality, All Star's solution is based on configuration versus custom coding.  Configure file management, incident management, employee onboarding, and data archives, and provide an easy-to-use web interface to help automate your organization.

Digital Mailroom


Digital mailroom automation software automates your mail processes, so you can capture and accelerate the distribution of mail, alleviate employees from being bogged down with paper mail, and improve the identification and routing of critical information that comes in through your mailroom. With digital mailroom automation software, you will speed up transactions, improve employee efficiency and productivity, and streamline your document management.

With digital mailroom automation software, you will speed up transactions, improve employee efficiency and productivity, and streamline your document management.



Mobilizing ERP Systems


Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system enables your organization to integrate data and business processes into a single system. The unified database that ERP creates allows different departments to store and access data within the same system to facilitate better collaboration and workflow. Taking this system mobile means giving your employees the ability to initiate or participate in workflow regardless of physical location and the ability to interact with real-time or near-time data. You’ll also be able to easily view and interact with data from mobile devices to make decisions in seconds and facilitate better communication among vendors, customers, and coworkers.

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