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HR Employee Relationship Management Software

Employee Relationship Management, involves more than just storing incident-related documents. It encompasses the creation of a comprehensive database to effectively manage all incident data, enabling users to search, report, and access associated processes seamlessly.


As an organization grows and adds employees, its human resources (HR) department should eventually expect to encounter employee-related incidents. These events might be ones employees can’t address themselves, or perhaps they don’t feel comfortable doing so. When an employee turns to HR to solve an issue, HR opens a case. From open to close, an HR case requires multiple steps and a significant amount of documentation — which is where employee relationship management software is essential.


What Is Employee Relationship Management?

Employee relationship management describes the process HR takes to resolve an issue involving employees. It has many moving parts, from interviewing employees to recording events and mediation to even legal action in some cases.

Employee relationship management is complex in that it requires both human intuition and judgment, as well as technology, to solve a case. HR professionals must blend their people skills with the organizational power of automation solutions to quickly and effectively resolve incidents. HR relationship management software allows HR to streamline the incident management process.

The Benefits of Using HR Employee Relationship Software

With HR employee relationship management software, HR professionals can expedite the successful resolution of incidents while employees involved in those incidents stay in the loop and are apprised of a case’s progress. The top benefits of using HR case management software include:

Effective Employee Relationship Management

The documentation involved in employee relationship management can be overwhelming, making document management the top benefit of leveraging software. HR professionals are required to document every interaction and detail of a case for compliance purposes as well as legal ones should the case progress in a court or other external environment. Keeping track of case data and documents is easy in an relationship management software system that centralizes documentation. The software allows for secure access and quick retrieval to expedite case resolution.

Speedy Issue Resolution

The top priority for HR after ensuring proper data and document processes is time-to-resolution. No organization wants employee cases to drag on longer than they have to. HR relationship management software supports the need to resolve cases as quickly as possible. Sometimes, to do so, multiple team members and/or managers need to be involved. Employee relationship management software makes it easy to transfer oversight or action items to these individuals as they can easily access the documentation they need to pick up the case quickly.

Employee Self-Service

Employees involved in a case are naturally concerned with its resolution. They have the right to be updated on the progress of a case and to stay aware of its journey to resolution. Using HR employee relationship management software enables HR professionals to give employees controlled access to case data and progress so employees can stay in the loop but not be privy to more details than necessary. Ultimately, employees don’t have to depend on — or wait for — humans to let them know how a case progresses.

Healthier Workplace

When you use HR employee relationship management software to process and resolve incidents, you gain a broader perspective on incident trends and issues in your organization. Using this data, HR can help reshape the work environment. Software delivers insight into patterns so you can proactively address issues in your business that contribute to cases.

Swiftly Resolve Employee Incidents With HR Employee Relationship Management Software

It’s impossible to avoid employee incidents altogether, so when they arise, leverage case management software to expedite their resolution. Get in touch with All Star to ask any questions about HR employee relationship management software or how best to tackle employee relationship management in your organization.

Human Resources Employee Relationship Management

Don't miss out on the finer details. Download our comprehensive overview and dive deep into what our solution can do for you.

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