Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Kofax™ RPA robotic process automation software is the fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information – especially from websites and web portals – into enterprise applications. Information that was previously unattainable, unusable, or costly to integrate is now readily consumable to drive productivity and insight into the decision-making process. Kofax™ RPA robotic process automation software puts the power of external web data, combined with internal data sources, directly into the hands of users, so employees are informed, agile and empowered. With its scalable and high performance integration engine and intuitive visual design environments, this robotic process automation tool helps to build and integrate data-driven workflows to automate processes that span across external websites and web portals, internal enterprise applications and databases, and Excel, driving efficiencies and improving profitability.


The Kofax™ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform

Kofax™ RPA is used by thousands of RPA customers for competitive intelligence, investment research, brand monitoring, and enterprise process automation. The platform permits business users to control information integrations and workflows rapidly, under IT governance.

The Kofax™ robotic process automation tool integrates and automates all data and applications; inside the enterprise, in the cloud, and on the web. Users can acquire, enhance, and deliver information from any web-based source, automate business processes, connect legacy to cloud applications, integrate with partners, and enhance search results — all in near real time, free from reliance on coding or consulting.

Kofax™ RPA also allows you to extend the power of robotic process automation to desktops and mobile devices with ease to run and manage information automation and integration projects any time and with any input parameter.
With the Kofax™ robotic process automation software, dramatic improvements in data integration and automation will promote game-changing results that stimulate growth and drive profitability. Organizations can now prototype new integrated data sources and automated processes in hours, not weeks; get to market faster; capture more market share; become more competitive; and use the leverage of a real-time information network to differentiate products and services.

Benefits of Kofax™ RPA Software

Connect Disparate Applications and Systems
Kofax RPA software connects applications that can be difficult to connect and creates essential links between an organization’s smart process applications, systems of engagement and systems of record.

Enhance Data Integration Flows
Kofax™ RPA provides a visually integrated development environment for easily building data integration flows that acquire, transform, migrate and distribute data from anywhere, including websites and portals.

Foster Collaboration
Kofax™ RPA enables users to easily and securely distribute actionable data to internal users, partners and customers, and automatically deliver data to workflows where needed.

Provide Bi-directional Integration
Kofax™ RPA enables organizations to rapidly automate and integrate data sources (structured or unstructured) with internal or external applications without relying on APIs.

Access Market Intelligence
Automatically access and integrate market, competitor, and customer data from public sources into your applications for agile decision-making.

Dramatically Lower Development Costs
Develop robotic automation processes to automatically run complex integrations and access any web data sources without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.

RPA Software for Every Industry and Need

With Kofax’s information integration and robotic process automation platform, data can be integrated at new speeds, distributed into the hands of business users and leveraged in innovative ways to deliver value across departments and business processes:

Robots automate the acquisition and integration of data from websites and portals into your business applications.

  • Competitive Intelligence and Price Monitoring
  • Data Aggregation
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Investment Research
  • Screening and Risk Management Services
  • IP and Fraud Detection
  • Mobile Application Integration
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Government

Automate repetitive, data-driven activities across portals, websites, and internal applications.

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Financial Account Aggregation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Process Automation

Automate the migration of content and data from legacy enterprise content management systems.

  • Content Migration

Kofax™ Robotic Process Automation Software Features

The Kofax™ RPA software integrates readily into any IT environment by supporting a wide variety of enterprise standards.

Agile, High-Performance Data Integration Creation
The Kofax™ RPA integrated design environment includes design, deployment, QA and production support tools, including performance and monitoring dashboards, a scheduler and viewers for data sources and targets.

Read/Write Access to Data Endpoints
Enable read/write capabilities to Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, NoSQL databases and the Hadoop/Hbase framework. Broad BI and data analytics support includes Kofax Insight, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Oracle Hyperion and Clarabrige. Get access to email, FTP, RSS and web services.

Support for Multiple Data Types
Leverage data transformations for database types (binary, timestamp, varchar, char, etc.), HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, PDF and JavaScript. Design Studio has dedicated views for rendering HTML, XML and spreadsheets. Support for regular expressions, data mapping and conversions (string, numeric, date, time). Get support for multi-byte and bi-directional character sets.

Support for Visual Data Exploration
Deliver data from Kofax™ RPA directly into any destination and allow business users to visualize the data in Kofax Insight or any other business intelligence and analytics tools. Kofax™ RPA Kapplets can also be designed to present datasets in pages that consist of tables, graphs or a combination of both. Interactive filtering is supported so information in the table will automatically update the graph.

Flexible, Scalable Deployment
Run integration flows on-premise or in the cloud. Deploy any integration flow to business users as a Kapplet. Deploy into Deploy into any application server, use any standard orchestration server. Automatically create standard Java, .NET, SOAP and RESTful interfaces. Call out to external programs or REST and SOAP web services. Execute workflows via sockets with SSL or via JMS.

Extensive Security Controls
The RPA platform provides role-based access to the platform and to Kofax™ RPA KappZone, secured with LDAP, Active Directory or built-in user management capabilities. It provides alerts and a complete historical record of any transaction. It authenticates against sites and web services using user ID/password, basic authentication, NTLM, OAuth or digital certificates.

Standards-Based Governance and Management
The RPA platform includes a completely browser-based management console for production management and monitoring. Also works with existing JMX/SNMP-based management tools such as IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, Oracle Enterprise Manager and CA Unicenter.


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