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Eliminate Data Entry (OCR)

Data transformation and machine learning (artificial intelligence) software have emerged as two of the most comprehensive tools for businesses looking to eliminate manual data entry and leverage the benefits of automation.

Eliminate manual data entry

Data Entry Automation

As businesses continue to move away from laborious manual processes by introducing automation, they are increasingly capitalizing on the elimination of manual data entry. More than 80 percent of intelligence is trapped inside unstructured, unmanaged documents. That loss of insight and data value can cost businesses more than just time. In today’s digital world, manual document capture and data entry can significantly hold back a business from operating on a competitive level.

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How does

Data Entry Automation Work?

Data transformation (in many cases referred to as OCR) software helps to eliminate data entry by providing the ability to extract data and classify documents. Documents can be captured through scanning, faxing, email, EDI, or XML. If the document is not text based, the software converts the images to text (this is what OCR is, converting the black on white to text). If the document is already text based (PDF+Text, Word, Excel etc), no OCR is required which eliminates the error part of the process.  It is the OCR that can mistakenly convert the number 1 as the letter I. Many solutions have to convert whatever the document is into an image and then perform OCR.  All Star's solution does not.

Once you have text, you can find relevant data based on formats, in addition to using keywords surrounding the data you are looking for and regions of the document to include or exclude. All of this together provides data extraction capability regardless of the layout of the document and without using templates per vendor/customer/source.

Using machine learning and AI, data transformation software learns in real-time to improve extraction correctness. These features reduce the need for manual keying and paper handling – improving your data quality, your ability to leverage that data, and your productivity.

Supporting over 140 languages, data transformation can handle both structured and unstructured documents and is configurable through an intuitive GUI interface. By processing different file types in various languages across different departments using automation, you enjoy rapid, accurate data entry.

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    Mailroom processing

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    Invoice processing

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    Sales orders

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    Vendor statements

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    Remittance processing

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    Bill of ladings

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    Medical records classification

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    Higher education transcript processing

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    Real-time insight and analysis into capture processing

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    Immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators

Start generating ROI instantly

By eliminating 70% and more of your data entry!

Document capture and data transformation technology integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management (ECM), workflow, and departmental and business systems without disruption. With swift onboarding, the solution can enable your organization to start generating ROI instantly by eliminating 70% and more of your data entry.

If you think your business could leverage the powerful benefits of document data entry software to eliminate manual data entry, contact All Star Software today. We combine technical expertise in automation technologies with a personalized approach to learning about your business needs. We’ll connect you with the right solution that sends your manual data entry processes packing.

Eliminate Data Entry Overview

Don't miss out on the finer details. Download our comprehensive overview and dive deep into what our product can do for you.



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