Eliminate Data Entry

All Star’s solution to eliminate data entry extends your powerful document capture platform with the ability to perform comprehensive data extraction and document classification.

Once documents have been captured (scanned, faxed, email, EDI, XML), the software converts the image to text, finds the data based on format masks and keywords configured for each field and allows users to correct data if the data extraction was not confident. This solution supports over 140 languages and can handle both structured and unstructured documents. Complete scalability lets you purchase only those features you need right now but also provides the option to upgrade as your company grows.

The technology behind this software is configurable both through an intuitive GUI interface for the majority of the configuration as well as with an expansive scripting library for more specialized functionality. This solution uses “online learning” technology to help the system learn in real time so that going forward the extraction improves as more documents are processed in the software. Upon initial implementation our customers eliminate seven out of ten fields from data entry. Going forward, the “online learning” functionality will improve performance as your organization processes more documents and can reach as high as 95% of the data entry.

ACCELERATING Business Processes