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AP Vendor Portal

With a vendor portal, users can get instant access to approvals and exceptions from any device – mobile or desktop – which means no matter how dispersed your workforce is, you will have access to these processes and data in real time.

A simple vendor portal can eliminate many manual activities

Vendor Portal

As businesses have migrated more processes to digital and cloud-based solutions, they’ve included the vendor related processes as part of the change. Manual vendor interactions no longer serve organizations well in the digital age.

Many businesses are choosing digital solutions like vendor portals for vendor related tasks and transactions to remove the manual tasks from the AP team. If your organization is still using manual, resource-intensive processes to exchange information with vendors/suppliers, you’re wasting valuable time, money, and labor. Vendor portals can help bring your vendors into electronic communication with your business so you can digitally exchange documents, track, and share processes in real-time, and eliminate manual tasks with your AP and Vendor teams.

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The right vendor portal will offer many benefits

Why Should You Use One?

  • Improved Employee Productivity

    Your accounts payable department is significantly bogged down by manual processes with your vendors. And should errors occur in manual workflows, they then have to devote even more time to fix them. With a vendor portal solution, your staff will be able to keep processes moving, freeing up their time to focus on more high-value tasks. You’ll see higher productivity out of your entire AP department.

  • Bottom-Line Savings

    By managing your vendor documents through software, you’ll reduce many operations that put a drain on your business – delivering savings back into your company. With a dramatic reduction in calls and emails about payment statuses, your staff will gain hours back. You’ll onboard and update vendors more efficiently – speeding up your work together and your time-to-value. Better data management means less wasted time checking on the statuses of checks. And with the ability to provide answers to invoice inquiries in real-time, you won’t play phone tag. With a vendor portal solution, all of these time-saving features mean a reduction in labor costs.

  • Improved Vendor Relationships

    It’s no cost to vendors to start submitting digital documents in your portal and collaborating with vendors in real-time means speedier invoice submission on their end and faster payment on your end. You’ll cement better relationships with your vendors as both parties will be clear about the status of transactions, and there will be no inexplicable lag in payments. A vendor portal to submit transactions, inquiries, vendor onboarding, or master updates will speed the pace at which information travels and introduce self-service to your finance-based transactions and data.

Vendor Portal Overview

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Improve your relationships with your vendors

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