Data Capture

Information capture products enable organizations to capture incoming documents and data and transform them into usable information. When dealing with paper documents, powerful recognition engines and image-enhancement features ensure you have the cleanest document taking up the least amount of space and ensuring the best possible data extraction rates. All Star’s information capture solution can handle all phases of the capture process: scanning paper, importing electronic documents from email and fax, image cleanup, barcode and character recognition, manual indexing, and exporting data and documents to an ERP, workflow, document management system or file server

All Star’s information capture products work with a variety of scanners and other input devices (MFP, fax server, email server etc.) and include different modules to provide a production level data capture solution. The data captured during this process is automatically fed into a workflow or ERP system for further processing.

Scalability and flexibility is unmatched using All Star’s information capture solution. Companies can capture remotely in each office or centralize the capture of information in one location. The solution is designed to handle millions of pages per year but is also user friendly enough to be setup quickly for smaller capture requirements.

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