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In many cases, software products all have the same functionality or close to the same functionality.  The success of a solution mostly lies in the hands of the implementation partner.  All Star has core values in place that dictate a different level of effort and implementation methodology.  These core values separate All Star from our peers and have been the driving force behind the success of All Star with our customers.  The below testimonials are a result of our core values and best practices pertaining to implementing business process automation solutions.

Here are some great things our customers had to say…

“Working with exceptional partners like All Star makes our jobs more rewarding and soooo much easier!”

“We are a national provider of hardware, software and document conversion services. Although we have technical resources to support our products and customers, we have engaged All Star Software Systems on specialized applications because we knew the work would be done professionally. We respect their industry expertise and ability to define the customer problems and present effective solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. All Star’s attention to detail and logical analysis of software challenges, allow them to perform over and above your expectations. They are a pleasure to work with and will do well in this industry.”

“As a business partner, All Star Software Systems (All Star) exemplifies all of the positive traits required to succeed in today’s business climate. All Star could be used as the “Model Partner” for all other systems integrators and VAR’s to follow. The team at All Star takes great pride in their meticulous attention to every detail and this is appreciated by all of their valued customers. It is a sincere pleasure to work with such a focused and dedicated group of talented individuals.””

“I have worked with All Star for a couple of years. All Star brings a wealth of ECM Industry knowledge and experience to the software products they sell and the services they deliver. They are customer focused and have extremely high goals of delivering ROI to their customers. ”

“When you work with All Star Software Systems, you get service from someone who is invested in their company. Your software installation is done by an expert, who will customize based upon your industry needs. When they are done with your installation, they come back and check on you, just to make sure everything is working properly. I can’t say enough praise for how well our project has worked using All Star Software Systems.”

“I haven’t found any more dedicated or enthusiastic Imaging Professionals than the folks at All Star Software!”

“All Star saved us 60% annually compared to what we were paying for the same service and software from another supplier. Their service and followup is far superior to that of their competitors.”

“All Star Software Systems truly exhibits the qualities of a top-notch solution provider: vision, execution, and integrity. They take the time to understand the customer’s needs and put together a solution that works today and scales for tomorrow. All Star follows through with timely and high quality deliveries. They are always upfront with us, providing valuable constructive feedback to help us improve our solutions.”

“All Star’s AP Automation solution has allowed us to increase throughput via acquisitions with static headcount, reduce non-value added processes (i.e. data entry and other validations accomplished through AI) and auto match almost half of our PO invoices. Without the solution, we would have been lost in the pandemic. Instead everyone was able to work from home without missing a beat. All Star’s solution had the range to address our entire Procure to Pay process where we see gaps in our ERP or where our ERP would require much more effort to accomplish the same task. All Star’s solution is our foundation for digital transformation to automate many other areas of our business through the use if information management, workflow, RPA, analytics and data transformation.” – Tim McCauley, Chief Accounting Officer Chefs’ Warehouse

“OnBase was the most complete and Flexible solution available. We were able to customize the solution (through configuration versus custom coding) to meet our complicated business processes and automation requirements, whereas other software appeared to be just like an electronic filing cabinet. OnBase’s workflow allowed us to automate and manage the process from end to end… Our Hyland partners at All Star encouraged me to seek OnBase training, and they mentored me to take ownership of the solution they created for us. This has allowed me to continue to fine-tune the initial workflow they created for us and create dozens of others for TMS” – Heather Johnson, Senior Manager ECM, TMS International.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the partnership. This is the very first time that we leveraged exiting software infrastructure and integrated from various vendor system, Buying hub, S4, and also WIPRO. With the many points of system build validation and workflow, we do achieve “touchless” for [the] majority of the simple transactions. All Star team has really risen up the occasion and overcome many technical challenges.”

“I wanted to bring to your attention the positive experience I had when working a ticket recently. We had an issue where our computer scanner had to be rebuilt and we could not put it on the network. There were many issues with the process and the All Star employee we worked with went above and beyond to get the job done and get us back online. She was very patient as we spent much time troubleshooting together the process. Thanks to her and to All Star for a great experience.”

“You’ve brought a great product and great service to our door and we genuinely appreciate that.  We tried multiple other products for OCR and intelligent document processing and they never reached our expectations.  Your solution easily exceeded whatever expectations we had.”
“Your solution is 100 times better than what they had used before.  Our sales and operations users no longer enter contracts manually and all the contract data, documents and history is in one spot.  The software is so easy to use and it only takes one 10 minute training session for managers.”

“We chose your solution because it gave us the broadest ability to automate our company.  We didn’t want to just focus on automating accounts payable, we wanted a tool that could process different document types and different workflows without a lot of custom coding.  We had been looking for this type of tool for over two years and that’s why we selected your company.”

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