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Sales Order Automation Software

Sales order automation is software that automates entering data, validating part numbers and terms, and routing orders – among other tasks – to streamline effort that was once manual. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a business rules engine, processing sales orders becomes a nearly touchless experience for your customer service and sales employees while the system “learns” how to eliminate simple decision-based tasks.

Realize Revenue Quicker

Sales Order Automation

Research has found that sales order automation saves businesses between $5 and $15 per sales order, and it reduces sales order cycle times by more than 46 percent. Sales order automation can be the pivot point for your organization to processing sales orders quicker and more accurately without requiring more labor.

Discover what it’s like to unburden your staff of menial tasks that take them away from proactive projects and responsibilities. With sales order automation, you’ll realize new levels of productivity and transaction throughput.

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Sales process software handles

all aspects of your sales order process

Features and Benefits:

  • Capturing orders from any source (fax, paper, email, portal, EDI, XML)
  • Eliminating data entry into your line of business system
  • Linking to customer, sub-customer, or quote level validations
  • Processing from receipt of order through approval of exceptions
  • Handling rush and special orders
  • Automating customer communications about receipts and progress
  • Complete audit trail of any order received
  • Capture orders into your system sooner and faster, thus realizing revenue quicker
  • Real-time information about order statuses at every point in the order lifecycle
  • Sales order data in your ERP system sooner facilitates quick invoicing and shipping

Sales Orders Overview

Don't miss out on the finer details. Download our comprehensive overview and dive deep into what our solution can do for you.



What Is Sales Order Automation and How Does It Work?

As automation technology emerges and becomes more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, organizations are looking to digital processes to speed up and enhance existing lines of work. The sales process is one such line of work. It has many touchpoints that require manual, time-consuming, but vital tasks, and sales order automation takes […]


The Six Benefits of Automating Your Sales Order Process

A business runs most efficiently when workers can devote their skills to the areas in which they excel. For example, the skills of most salespeople lie in their ability to build relationships with others, actively listen and communicate, and to strategically prospect and represent products and services. The skills of sales operations lie in strategic […]

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