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Every business – no matter the size – deals with mail. And depending on the nature of your business, you are handling high volumes of documents that all have to pass through your mailroom. Managing stacks of paper mail and processing those documents can not only weigh down employees, but they can make for inefficiencies, loss of important items, and delays on certain operations as a result. This is where digital mailroom automation software helps you not only automate your existing paper-based mail processes, but it enables you to extract and validate data from your incoming business mail to improve overall operations and reduce manual time-consuming tasks like data entry.

What Is Digital Mailroom Automation?

Digital mailroom automation software automates your mail processes, so you can capture and accelerate the distribution of mail, alleviate employees from being bogged down with paper mail, and improve the identification and routing of critical information that comes in through your mailroom.

With digital mailroom automation software, you will speed up transactions, improve employee efficiency and productivity, and streamline your document management.

How Does Digital Mailroom Automation Work?

Digital mailroom software allows you to create a virtual hub in your business for all incoming mail to be captured and then automatically distributed to the appropriate people. The digital mailroom solution:

  • Scans paper and captures digital mail from any source.
  • Classifies all incoming mail based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Extracts data from incoming mail through optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the recipient or department group.
  • Distributes the now-digital mail to the right people or department via email or a mail hub for people to download their content from.
  • Legally archives mail in a digital format with the appropriate retention policies to ensure compliance and easy search and retrieval.

With digital mailroom automation software, you will accelerate your document processing by creating high-quality digital images of all received mail documents and routing them to the appropriate person. The solution automates data integration from internal and external systems and manages every touchpoint through issue resolution. You’ll be able to convert unstructured information into data that integrates across all your line-of-business systems.

Digital mailroom automation software also enables easy development that is configurable to minimize custom coding in the implementation phase. You’ll streamline all document processing with embedded artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning capabilities. Your users will easily be able to design, build, and run digital workflows.

Benefits of Digital Mailroom Automation Software

See time and cost savings

Digital mailroom automation software dramatically cuts the time it takes for mail to reach the right parties. Your employees in the physical mailroom can be more productive and given more strategic work while mail is automatically classified, routed, and delivered for better response times.

You’ll no longer rely on manual mailroom processes, cutting the time employees need to spend on handling physical documents. With automation processing and prioritizing your incoming mail, you’ll save on labor and operational costs as well as missed deadlines or compliance risks.

Ensure compliance

Digital mailroom software ensures your documents pass through secure trails, so when it comes time to retrieve them for audits, they are stored and retrievable in a way that makes proving compliance painless and quick. Documents are retained, managed, and tracked securely for their entire lifecycles.

Improve customer service

When your mail-based processes take far less time through automation, your business will be better able to handle customer needs, transactions, requests, and inquiries.

Gain better insight

Digital mailroom software enables actionable analytic capabilities, so you get visibility into your business processes. With graphical and data-driven dashboards, you can monitor the entire process in real-time and share data with internal and external users.

The right digital mailroom automation software can be a game-changer for your business. If you want to discover how it can bring your organization better productivity, operations, and cost-effectiveness, contact All Star Software today. Our experts are ready to help you see where digital mailroom can help you.

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