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Think about the time and money you spend waiting for or tracking information and transactions down, and consider the risk involved in manually routing and relaying data and documents throughout your organization and to outside parties. With All Star’s Workflow software, you can not only eliminate risk but leverage process orchestration tools to automate time-consuming manual processes.

Why a Business Process Automation Software Solution

With a robust workflow automation software like All Star’s, your organization can significantly decrease transaction processing time and improve input, storage, and retrieval accuracy, all while increasing staff productivity. Because of the 300+ point-and-click configurable rules and actions, you can easily automate critical processes without complicated, costly, and time-consuming custom coding.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow software can help businesses to:

  • Facilitate transaction throughput by providing a user with all related data, documents, and tasks related to the transaction.
  • Optimize business processes by providing rules-based routing that efficiently routes transactions to the appropriate person or group.
  • Promote accountability with an auditable history log that tracks every action performed within the workflow and on the data or documents as well as monitoring employee performance.
  • Reduce the need for various processes and risk by enforcing consistent business logic and practices.
  • Improve customer service with immediate visibility, access to information, and quicker process turnaround times.
  • Lower costs by freeing up employees from unnecessary manual tasks.
  • Provide flexible integration options across multiple interfaces and line-of-business applications for data validation and transaction creation/automation.

All Star’s workflow solution offers a point-and-click configurable tool that allows you to quickly automate your business processes without the need for custom coding. Once a document or transaction is received, a process is triggered that then accelerates the business cycle, automatically sending the documents to the right employees and ultimately eliminating around 90% of the total processing time. Employees are then notified of any pending tasks, forcing them to prioritize these transactions. This easy to use interface is available to users through the web, ERP, mobile, dashboards, and more, so they can use it wherever they feel the most comfortable. Mobilizing a workflow is as simple as checking a box in the configuration of that workflow.

Dynamic Approval Processes

Workflow solutions allow business users to set rules within the software that can accelerate the approval processes. Documents can be evaluated and escalated as required through decision-based or rules -based routing. In addition, ad-hoc transaction assignments can be made quickly when a user is unavailable or out of office. Hierarchies from existing business systems or from within the workflow tool can be utilized to assist in managing assignments to support multiple levels of approval if required based on a table of authorizations.

Electronic Forms

Create advanced functionality forms in minutes without the need for HTML or coding experience. Workflow software allows you to customize your forms through an easy-to-use designer where you can add features like fields, tables, buttons, check boxes, data validation, and calculations with instant results. Electronic forms will enable you to keep the process with your customer, vendor, or employee digital from start to finish employing client-side validation to ensure only clean data is submitted and the data will make it into your target system(s) with no errors or interruption.

Your forms have the ability to:

  • Instantly become available once submitted.
  • Automatically be checked for validity and completeness before submission.
  • Trigger business processes and workflow once submitted.
  • Route to the right place immediately based on the submitted data.
  • Eliminate manual paper-based issues, improve data accuracy, and expedite processes for both customers, vendors, and employees.

Business Activity Monitoring and Dashboards

Reporting dashboards provide real-time status and instant visibility into each workflow process and transaction – whether it be who owns the task, how long they’re taking, and when their expected delivery date is. Dashboards provide you with insights and a way to quickly identify opportunities and areas for improvement in the current process. Users can even share dashboards and highlight important business data, all within the interface, and without the need to reach out to an IT resource. Within one business process dashboard interface, users can be presented with a variety of tools such as charts, graphs, scorecards, heat maps, and more and can also view data associated with the graphical elements drilling down to the transaction/document and its associated audit trail. These dashboards can represent data in the workflow tool or data in multiple systems of record like your ERP or CRM systems. Dashboards can even be used as the user interface for workflow. Think of a pie chart showing all of the transactions assigned to you in different workflows or queues within a workflow. When you click on a section of the pie chart, the data grid lists the transactions in that section. You can now open the transaction and be presented with the data, the documents, and the tasks that you need to perform for that transaction.

In the past, reporting dashboards were seen as a management tool only for occasional users or users who needed to see the metrics relating to the workflow processes. Now, because of their interactive, real time capability, these tools can be used in to perform work if users prefer the graphical nature of a dashboard.

Automated Notifications

Workflow software eliminates the need for manual email notifications and provides you with the ability to automatically notify users when they need to be involved in a business process. Notifications happen immediately and can be sent based on periods of non-action to reduce the chance of delayed approvals or exceptions. Once the alert is received, users are prompted to complete an action for the transaction, or they can opt to receive daily alerts with a list of the transactions that require their attention. Ensuring approvals and exceptions don’t get stalled somewhere in the process provides businesses with increased security, reliability, and control of their transactions in addition to significant throughput. Escalations are also part of the automated routines ensuring transactions don’t sit stagnant. If users are out of the office or if employees have left the company, escalations will route the transaction to the appropriate user in serial or parallel based on the specified time the transaction has been unattended to.


Workflow can also provide historical records and audit trails of all actions performed against a document or transaction as well as the queues it has passed through. These items are complete with user names and date/time stamps, so transaction accountability is enforced and can be incorporated into the reporting dashboards for easy visibility.

All Star can provide you with the workflow software, professional services, and ongoing solution and software support you need to get started with a Workflow solution. Contact us or schedule a demo to see how our workflow software can help your business today.

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