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All Star Software’s solutions for the manufacturing industry is a digital-based information management and automation platform. These solutions help manufacturers to improve their everyday business processes related to their data and documents, thus allowing for a faster, more streamlined operation.

Sales Order Processing


Research has found that sales order automation saves businesses between $5 and $15 per sales order, and it reduces sales order cycle times by more than 46 percent. Sales order automation can be the pivot point for your organization to drive more sales without requiring more labor or burdening your team.

Customer service and sales efficiency are paramount to any business striving for growth, and capturing customer orders is vital to that department’s productivity. Manual sales order processing can create bottlenecks that result in stagnated growth and bottom lines that disappoint. From general human error to delayed communication, data entry mistakes, and backtracking to fix those mistakes, traditional sales order processes will not suffice in the digital transformation age. This is where sales order process automation software comes in.


Robotic Process Automation


The most competitive businesses today are ones that have decided to digitize and automate many of their processes that were once manual. Robotic process automation (RPA) software has emerged as a valuable solution for businesses looking to perform digital transformations that take those manual tasks to automated environments. Tasks such as collecting, reviewing, and inputting information among websites, systems, and portals have historically taken employees time and effort they could have put elsewhere. With robotic process automation software, businesses can realize greater levels of efficiency and process optimization while gaining a foundation of intelligent automation.

Robotic process automation software and intelligent automation will be especially crucial as businesses continue to feel the effects of 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, according to Craig Le Clair, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Intelligent automation technologies, including RPA, will automate processes in ways that have better results for businesses than standalone automation capabilities. Forrester anticipates that remote businesses will increasingly use intelligent automation technologies including RPA, collaboration technologies, task automation, and document-focused text analytics because they will look for more efficient ways to strategize for innovation and scale automation. As the pandemic sparked a surge in digital transformation, these technologies will help businesses adjust to become more agile.

Accounts Receivable


Automating your accounts receivable operation is one of the smartest ways to gain better insight into your financial health. Paper-based processes that require manual workflows create delays and extra costs for businesses that can be avoided with automation solutions.


Collections Automation


A robust collections software platform is a powerful tool that can dramatically improve how you manage and collect customer invoices. If cash flow and productivity are reliable indicators of how “fiscally fit” your organization is doing, then you need to evaluate how financially healthy your business is. Being paid in faster turn-around time, while providing customers with a positive post-sale experience, can increase revenue while fostering better customer relationships.

All Star Collections Automation Solution software fast-tracks collection activity while averting overdue debts and rising DSO. By implementing an optimized, automated payment Collection System, your collections department will no longer have to rely on old data entry, spreadsheets, or the uncomfortable method of calling a customer for payment. These low-value tasks are not only time consuming for employees but are also an inefficient use of their time.

An augmented Collection System that enables workflows specifically for collection activity. Through the use of automation, workflows, and coding, your organization can seamlessly combine numerous business components.

Your entire collections process can be optimized with:

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    Transaction and status codes
  • AllStarSoftware_BrandingGraphics_Star_Green
    Dashboards and reporting for KPIs
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    Detailed collector activity can be tracked and stored for compliance and auditing purposes

Accounts Payable


Levvel Research reveals the average cost of manually processing an invoice can be as high as $20, versus $3 for automated Accounts Payable (AP) invoice processing. The payback period for investment in an AP Automation Solution is short, ranging from 6 to 18 months on average. A proven problem with proven solutions, AP process automation software is a low-risk investment.


Customer Communications Management


Communication is vital to establishing and maintaining strong customer relationships. To enhance your customer communication strategy, you will need to create dynamic, personalized content that can be efficiently managed across multiple channels, including both paged (e.g., print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g., email, HTML, and XML).

All Star can help optimize customer correspondence with its Customer Communications Manager (CCM) software product, a single, enterprise-wide platform that easily integrates your web, mobile, and print channels. You and your team will have complete control while ensuring compliance.

All Star’s Customer Communications Manager software can streamline your customer communications strategies with:

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    Minimal IT involvement
  • AllStarSoftware_BrandingGraphics_Star_Green
    Complete visibility and control of all inbound and outbound communications
  • AllStarSoftware_BrandingGraphics_Star_Green
    Lower operational expenses

Vendor Management


Tracking vendor relationships is critical to every organization. It becomes difficult when vendor information is located in multiple systems, tracked in spreadsheets, or may just not be available. A vendor management solution allows users to interact with vendor information, contract details, vendor ratings, performance management, incident tracking, related documents, as well as notes and task scheduling in one central location. With this type of solution, companies can standardize vendor sourcing, monitor issues, and report on vendor compliance and performance.


Contract Management


Managing your contracts is not just about making sure you’re on top of expiration dates and getting business done. Proper contract management is essential for any organization looking to minimize legal, financial, and brand risks. The benefits of using contract lifecycle management software goes well beyond just administrative organization. With contract lifecycle management software, you can dramatically decrease the amount of time and resources required to manage your contracts by tracking and automating each step in a contract’s lifecycle.

Human Resources


Research from Topia, an HR tech company, says that employees waste 40 million hours each month on completing human resources (HR)-related tasks – about $8.15 billion in lost productivity. Employees are a business’s greatest asset, but the paperwork involved in processes such as onboarding, reviews, incidents, and applying raises can create bottlenecks in an HR department and prevent successful experiences.

The emergence of human resources automation software has changed everything – introducing efficiencies throughout HR-related processes that streamline tasks such as storing employee documents, conducting evaluations, incident management, and onboarding/offboarding.


Product Design & Engineering Management


Manufacturers need to implement flexible, agile, and extremely scalable automated solutions to ensure that all internal and external participants in the manufacturing value chain such as designers, engineers, manufactures, and marketing and support professionals have access to view the digital information they need — regardless of time or location, all in near real-time.

All Star can help streamline your product design and engineering management activities by offering a single software solution platform to manage the distribution of all digital media assets associated with your product line(s). Assigned members of your production team can quickly view, collaborate, and edit various types of files, regardless of technical capability or location.

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