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System Implementation Services

All Star’s staff has the knowledge, experience and skills to deliver the right solution, on time and within budget. Our staff will work with your business experts to ensure that the implementation process is smooth and the final results meet or exceed your expectations.

Our staff delivers the right solution, on time and in budget

System Implementation

In almost every project, it is not the software that makes the difference but rather the implementation partner. All Star has been asked to take over numerous systems where the customer has been unhappy with their current implementation partner. By simply using our core values and best practices, All Star in every case has turned the system into a success that is acclaimed by the end users. This is not accomplished using any farfetched methodologies. It is accomplished by simply outworking our competition and providing services with an unparalleled level of detail. All Star has raised the bar for implementation services and has shown that winners do what others don’t want to do.

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Controlling risk is a major component of the success of any project.

System Implementation with All Star

At All Star, we believe that controlling risk is a major component of the success of any project. All Star has defined the following steps as our standard implementation phases and we perform these phases for every project to ensure that the implementation is thorough and consistent:

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     Installation and Configuration

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    Test Plan Development and Testing

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    Onsite "Going Live" Support

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    System Documentation

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    Custom User Guides

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    Project Management

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