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Research from Topia, an HR tech company, says that employees waste 40 million hours each month on completing human resources (HR)-related tasks – about $8.15 billion in lost productivity. Employees are a business’s greatest asset, but the paperwork involved in processes such as onboarding, reviews, incidents, and applying raises can create bottlenecks in an HR department and prevent successful experiences.

The emergence of human resources automation software has changed everything – introducing efficiencies throughout HR-related processes that streamline tasks such as storing employee documents, conducting evaluations, incident management, and onboarding/offboarding.

What Do You Get With Human Resources Automation Software?

Human resources automation software enables managers to access an electronic folder containing all documents relating to an individual employee for that employee’s tenure. HR automation software removes the risks associated with paper and provides instant access to employee information and the appropriate parties from any location or device.

All Star delivers HR solutions through our Enterprise Information Management and Automation Platform, which offers tools including employee information management. Why?

  • This Enterprise Platform supports your existing IT investments and complements your systems.
  • You can integrate this platform with every major HCIS/HCM system to use it as a single place for all HR content.
  • By intelligently linking HR files to corresponding employee data in other apps, our Enterprise Information Management and Automation Platform gives your HR staff a complete view of employee information through one portal.

Our Enterprise Information Management and Automation Platform also reduces or eliminates paper waste and those associated costs to support your sustainability goals.

Features and Benefits of HR Automation Software

Here’s what you get with human resources automation software.

  • HR teams get secure access to employee information from anywhere.
  • HR automation can integrate multiple systems so you can stop duplicating data or risking out-of-sync operations.
  • External stakeholders like job applicants can have access to the right information to speed up processes like hiring.
  • With HR automation, there is no question about your HR processes and data compliance.
  • Automation means employees no longer have to perform repetitive, manual work, and you’ll maximize your HR resources for greater productivity.

See Greater Employee Success With Human Resources Automation Software

When you’re ready to transform your HR department’s productivity and create better experiences for employees, contact All Star Software. Our HR automation experts are ready to help you streamline your HR processes for better productivity and employee retention today.

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