Human Resources Processing and Automation

Research from Topia, an HR tech company, says that employees waste 40 million hours each month on completing human resources (HR)-related tasks – about $8.15 billion in lost productivity. Employees are a business’s greatest asset, but the paperwork involved in processes such as onboarding, reviews, incidents, and applying raises can create bottlenecks in an HR department and prevent successful experiences.

The emergence of human resources automation has changed all that – introducing efficiencies throughout HR-related processes that streamline tasks such as storing employee documents, conducting evaluations, incident management, and onboarding/offboarding.

What Is Human Resources Automation?

Human resources processing and automation is a technology solution that centralizes the information management around each employee profile – enabling the HR department to go paperless for many processes and automating paperwork for tasks that can drain productivity and effectiveness.

It encompasses processes including onboarding/offboarding, employee relations, and records management. Today’s HR solutions combine intelligent automation with security so HR can focus more on helping employees stay successful instead of processing paperwork.

How Does Human Resources Automation Work?

Human resources automation enables managers to access an electronic folder containing all documents relating to an individual employee for that employee’s tenure. It removes the risks associated with paper and provides instant access to employee information and the appropriate parties from any location or device. With it, HR can:

  • Automate paperwork associated with onboarding, offboarding, annual reviews, pay raises, promotions, vacation requests, and other form submissions.
  • Store employee information in a central, secured repository.
  • Automatically route and distribute documents for action or approval.
  • See reduced costs by eliminating paper supplies and physical storage.

Why Use Human Resources Automation?

Control and Efficiency

Human resources automation solutions allow you to create defined roles to ensure only the right personnel can access documents pertaining to a given employee. If the employee leaves the company, the folder containing all his/her documents can become unalterable and enters an appropriate retention period. You can create record management policies to enable users to delete documents or automate that process, so your organization is guaranteed only to retain records for the appropriate amount of time.

You’ll also be able to streamline onboarding experiences for new employees through automation. Human resources automation centralizes information management – enabling HR to perform paperless onboarding and improving its ability to get employees working the day they start.

Security and Compliance

The solution helps keep your business compliant by enabling your HR department to post company policies and other employee communication electronically to monitor when employees have accessed and reviewed it. You can safeguard important HR documents by applying security features to sensitive documents and creating rules about which documents employees can view and make changes to. For example, employees can access certain personal records to keep documents up to date in terms of name, address, vacation dates, and tax status, but policies ensure they do not access other documents in their personnel files. With documents stored in a central repository, you can keep employee data secure and accessible to the right eyes.

Visibility and Application Integration

Your HR department will have complete visibility into each employee profile, and you can integrate human resources automation with other HR-related IT tools. If you have other line-of-business applications, human resources automation can link HR files to corresponding employee data in those applications to give HR a full view of all the information related to an employee.

See Greater Employee Success With Human Resources Automation

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