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Human Resources Solutions

All Star's HR information management and automation software improves the worker experience, secures sensitive data and can automate processes quicker and simpler.

Human Resources Automation


Human resources automation enables organizations to manage files, cases and processes around various HR tasks.  The software provides instant access to this information from any location or device with the appropriate security.  While many HRIS/HCM applications have some flavor of this functionality, All Star's solution is based on configuration versus custom coding.  Configure file management, incident management, employee onboarding and data archives and provide an easy to use web interface to help automate your organization.


Employee Onboarding


Gone are the days of handing new employees physical binders full of documents and scheduling endless meetings to educate them on what you do. Technology, like employee and human resource onboarding software, automates most — if not all — of this process to relieve your human resources (HR) staff.

Human resource onboarding software automates the employee onboarding process and allow businesses to develop onboarding processes that contain many common elements, but also elements unique to their needs.

Human Resources Employee Files


Human resources (HR) departments generate a massive amount of paperwork, and much of it contains confidential information. Managing the volume of documentation involved in HR processes can overwhelm employees and introduce risk if paper is lost or damaged. Documentation in HR has gotten even more complicated over the last few years as organizations go remote and the employee lifecycle goes digital. Modern HR departments opt for document management software — also known as employee file management — to keep up.


Employee Relations Management


As an organization grows and adds employees, its human resources (HR) department should eventually expect to encounter employee-related incidents. These events might be ones employees can’t address themselves, or perhaps they don’t feel comfortable doing so. When an employee turns to HR to solve an issue, HR opens a case. From open to close, an HR case requires multiple steps and a significant amount of documentation — which is where employee relations management software is essential.

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