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HR Employee File Document Management Software

HR Employee File Document Management software goes beyond the document management/records management capabilities provided in the core HCM/HRIS systems.  This software can augment your existing HCM/HRIS system with enterprise class document and records management. This software will also provide access to files and workflows to users who are not using or should not be using the core HCM/HRIS system.

Why is Document Management Needed for Employee Files?

Human resources (HR) departments generate a massive amount of paperwork, and much of it contains confidential information. Managing the volume of documentation involved in HR processes can overwhelm employees and introduce risk if paper is lost or damaged. Documentation in HR has gotten even more complicated over the last few years as organizations go remote and the employee lifecycle goes digital. Modern HR departments opt for document management software — also known as employee file management — to keep up.

Software automates workflows, storage, and other document-related processes for HR, so they can get back to supporting staff instead of sifting through mountains of paperwork.


What is Employee File Document Management Software?

Content platforms — or HR document management software — provide a way to manage unstructured content for employees. Unstructured content can be anything from tax information to contracts, resumes, offer letters, and more. A content platform also automates processes involved in managing employees, including file retention, policy administration, onboarding, offboarding, and status changes. Additional case management capabilities provide the ability to handle employee onboarding and incident management capabilities which makes this a complete information management and automation platform.

Your core HR or HCM system provides the capability for document management reatbut a sophisticated tool provides more granular functionality plus the ability to automate for each document type and eForm in conjunction with or apart from the HR employee record.

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The Benefits of Employee File Document Management

Featured benefits of enterprise document management include securely managing both your information through its lifecycle by automating the retention and destruction of documents and records, along with the ability to access employee files, electronic forms, documents and workflows directly within Microsoft Outlook.
HR document management delivers a number of efficiencies for an organization:

Employee File Consolidation

The employee file management platform digitizes your HR content, including all data, paper, and electronic forms that exist in any location. It brings it all into the platform to consolidate employee files for easy, secure access from one system. HR can manage processes for employees working from anywhere through this single portal.

Track Employee Progress and Acknowledgement of Corporate Policies and Procedures

Without a digital employee file management system, HR has to manually track employee progress through training programs, onboarding and offboarding procedures, and employee acknowledgment of policies. HR document management provides automated ways to view progress, keep processes moving, and streamline policy acknowledgment.

Easily Find, Retrieve, and Store Documents

HR wastes time physically rifling through cabinets and files to access the right documents. With everything stored logically in a digital employee file management system, HR can do its real work to support employees' growth instead of searching for documents.

Track Versions and Ensure Document and Metadata Security

HR document management software gives you visibility into the journey of a file — who has seen it, edited it, approved it, and shared it. This tracking capability sets up your organization well in the case of an audit, as you’ll have a prepared document trail. The platform also allows you to set permissions on who has access to what file and who can view, edit, and approve content so you’ll know sensitive information remains secure.

Cut Costs Associated With Paper

Manual HR processes take excessive time — costing you in labor — and incur other costs associated with ink, paper, copiers, stamps, storage units, and more. In an HR document management system, you’ll do away with these expenses and get more productivity from your HR staff.

Let Human Resources Get Back to What They Do Best

HR employees want to support your organization, not spend time searching for files and dealing with backlogged processes. HR document management software frees HR staff to do more strategic work and support your organization. Get in touch with All Star today to learn more.

Human Resources Employee Files Overview

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