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Kofax / Tungsten Automation Partner Consultants

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, is the trusted global leader in Intelligent Automation, with nearly 40-years of expertise in digital workflow transformation. Using our cutting-edge, AI-powered software—businesses can seamlessly automate their most data-intensive workflows, across business-critical use cases. Enterprises rely on us to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of workflow solutions, so they can operate more intelligently, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than ever before.



Kofax TotalAgility® is an integrated platform for automating content-intensive workflows, bringing together low-code process design, AI-driven intelligent document processing, and monitoring – plus integration with Kofax RPA for task automation. Multiple deployment options ranging from the Kofax public cloud to your preferred cloud service, lets you choose what works best for your organization.




Increase productivity, efficiency and compliance so employees can focus on higher-value work by automating routine, repetitive tasks. Part of the industry-leading Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform, Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes end-to-end automation happen.

AP Essentials


Kofax AP Essentials™ is a world class Accounts Payable solution that automates the capture and validation of invoices from any source, in any format. Supplier invoices typically arrive in paper, PDF or myriad electronic formats delivered through postal services, emails, EDI or Internet portals. It doesn’t matter. AP Essentials enables AP teams to swiftly capture, codify and route invoices seamlessly, securely and consistently.

AP Essentials uses proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) technology with impressive accuracy. The extracted data is then validated, classified, and routed for approval, enabling organizations to automate the invoice processing workflow. AP Essentials integrates with existing financial systems to provide a seamless end-to-end process, reducing manual data entry and increasing efficiency.


Process Director


Kofax ReadSoft® Process Director is your comprehensive solution for managing all document and request-driven accounts payable automation in SAP, from purchase-to-pay, to order-to-cash and record-to-report.

Managing massive amounts of invoices, sales orders, GL updates, purchase requests, delivery notes, and requisitions is time-consuming and stressful – not to mention high stakes with little room for error. Process Director integrates with your SAP system and automates all your invoice processing.

From inside SAP, Process Director manages your financial process automation to improve your financial department’s profitability and productivity. The solution aligns with end-user skills and compliance. Process Director replaces the need for the users to open additional sessions in SAP to access Tcodes like MIRO, FB03, ME23n, etc. All of these transactions (and more) can be accessed from within Process Director in a single worklist and with more functionality than found in native SAP tools.

Tungsten e-Invoicing Network


Tungsten Network connects businesses, suppliers and their financial institutions in a proprietary digital network. This facilitates the secure exchange of electronic invoices that meet country and regulatory mandates, enabling businesses to automate the accounts payable processes, streamline payments, and provide suppliers visibility into invoice status.

Drive agility and reduce costs
Tungsten Network helps enterprises achieve the promise of true e-invoice automation. This single goal is reflected in every engagement, from customized systems integration, to white-glove supplier onboarding and robust compliance services.




A mobile capture tool can capture documents into the same process as a document captured via scanning or email attachment import. Mobile capture enables users to capture documents at the earliest point in the process and eliminates 99% of the time it takes for a document to travel to its target process. Mobile capture will also eliminate the myriad of issues derived from “taking pictures of documents” with mobile devices. Image enhancement software within the app on the mobile device will turn a picture into a proper black and white image with the smallest file size possible.

Communications Manager


Ideal for any outbound communication including contracts, proposals, insurance and mortgage documents, Kofax Communications Manager™ puts your line-of-business managers in control of their correspondence. With minimal IT involvement, documents can be delivered across channels such as e-mail, social or digital, making the solution a key component in your digital workflow transformation initiatives.

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