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All Star Software Systems

Since 2002, we have been automating our customers' mission-critical business processes.

What makes us stand out from other companies? Our experience, proactive support and core values.

The majority of our employees have 15 or more years experience with the products we sell, implement and support.  Our software support is designed to be proactive rather than only reactive.  Our core values include the words unparalleled, passion, success, proactive, and genuine.

About Us


If you want to accelerate your business processes, look no further than All Star Software Systems. Our consultative approach dictates that All Star Software Systems does not just sell products. We team up with your business to create effective solutions that will provide you with a competitive edge in terms of user friendly, proficient, and audited business processes.

All Star is a team of experienced professionals who can help to positively impact your business through the use of various software applications. By eliminating tedious data entry, cumbersome document filing and retrieval, manual workflow processes, and uncoordinated exceptions, All Star Software Systems will accelerate your business like never before. No matter your information capture, information management, or information automation requirements, All Star can create the right solution for you. Our free initial consultation will provide the opportunity to see how to securely capture, transform, process, store, and retrieve your mission-critical information, no matter the source.


Mission Statement & Core Values


Mission Statement

To be your organization’s most valued systems integration partner by accelerating your business processes through unparalleled, best-in-class, and cost-effective software and services.

All Star provides solutions that automate business processes. Our solutions capture inbound information (paper, fax, email, EDI, XML, edocs, eForms etc.), extract pertinent data (thus eliminating data entry into line of business systems), automate the approval and exception processing of that information, and allow users to retrieve the information in seconds.

Core Values

  • Work accomplished with UNPARALLELED level of detail
  • Systems are sold, implemented, and supported by people with a PASSION for SUCCESS
  • PROACTIVELY support our customers in all aspects
  • GENUINE with every interaction
  • WINNERS do what others don’t want to do or only talk about doing



All Star Software systems is always seeking new All Stars for our constantly expanding organization. We are looking for people who have a passion for success and are self motivated, and people who will add significant value to the company and to our customer’s solutions. If you feel you have the same core values and are ready to live a better quality of life with the right company, please submit your resume to

All Star is typically interviewing for the following types of positions. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in joining the All Star team!

  • Software Implementation Specialist
  • Software Support Specialist
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Integration Generalist
  • Software Trainer
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Administrative Staff
  • Sales Engineer



All Star Software Systems was founded on the concept of ACCELERATING business processes through the use of multiple software and hardware products implemented as an integrated solution. Without a focused vision and goal, All Star would not be the first class systems integrator it is today. What once began as a two-employee operation has grown to an organization delivering mission critical solutions to multi-billion dollar organizations around the world. Below are the founders of All Star who have crafted the focus, vision, and success of the company since 2002.

Interested in learning how you can become a STAR?

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What makes All Star different from our competitors?

  • Best of Breed

    Provide the best software and services for a reasonable price.

  • Exceptional Service

    All work is accomplished with an unparalleled level of detail.

  • Passion for Success

    Our systems are sold, implemented and supported by people who have a passion for success.

  • Winners Mentality

    Winners do what others don't want to do or only talk about doing.


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