Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Software

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Levvel Research research reveals the average cost of manually processing an invoice can be as high as $20, versus $3 for automated Accounts Payable (AP) invoice processing. The payback period for investment in an AP Automation Solution is short, ranging from 6 to 18 months on average. A proven problem with proven solutions, AP process automation software is a low-risk investment.

The vast majority of Accounts Payable invoices are still processed by routing paper invoices throughout the organization or scanning and attaching the electronic invoice to an email which is then routed around the organization. Once complete, users in AP then manually key information from the approved paper or email routed invoice into the Corporate ERP/Finance system to then process and pay. Time wasted on paper-driven and manual tasks such as data entry, manual routing, manual follow up, Excel spreadsheet tracking, filing, retrieving, faxing, copying, mailing, and looking for invoices that have been misfiled or lost typically represents more than half of the cost of invoice processing, significantly decreasing productivity levels and increasing the cost per invoice. Investing in AP invoice automation software can result in eliminating some of these processes that slow down productivity.

Eliminate Tedious Processes

Accounts Payable Software eliminates 80% to 95% of data entry and up to 90% of the time it takes to process an invoice.


Automating the approval, coding, matching, and exception processing of various invoice types. (PO/Non-PO, direct/indirect, merchandise/expense, goods/service, contract/recurring, etc.).


Real time and interactive analytics pertaining to bottlenecks, invoices paid without being approved, efficiency of automation, productivity of the users, amount of spend known but yet to be paid, audit trail of every invoice, etc.

Time Saving

Retrieval of documents within seconds and Users can review and approve transactions from their mobile devices.

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Eliminate up to 90% of the time it takes to process an invoice.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“All Star’s AP Automation solution has allowed us to increase throughput via acquisitions with static headcount, reduce non-value added processes (i.e. data entry and other validations accomplished through AI) and auto match almost half of our PO invoices. Without the solution, we would have been lost in the pandemic. Instead everyone was able to work from home without missing a beat. All Star’s solution had the range to address our entire Procure to Pay process where we see gaps in our ERP or where our ERP would require much more effort to accomplish the same task. All Star’s solution is our foundation for digital transformation to automate many other areas of our business through the use if information management, workflow, RPA, analytics and data transformation.”
Tim McCauley, Chief Accounting Officer Chefs’ Warehouse

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Hidden costs associated with manual AP processes can really add up and because they are not easy to quantify, their damaging effects may be underestimated in current processing scenarios. Find out more information by downloading our Account Payable Solution Overviews.

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