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Employee Relationship Management Software: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

Employee Relationship Management Software: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

When an employee incident occurs, your human resources (HR) department has to take a delicate approach that combines human intuition and technology. An incident may involve any number of people across a lengthy timeline with numerous points of investigation—all of which requires documentation. HR professionals need to be diligent in their record-keeping, empathetic in their interactions, and efficient overall. Employee incident management software—otherwise known as HR case management software—is an essential tool for achieving these goals.

HR incident management software automates many HR processes that would otherwise hinder efficiency in resolving incidents, and it empowers employees with self-service tools so they can stay on top of their cases. Read on to learn why employee relationship management software is vital for organizations adding to their staff.

Understanding Employee Relationship Management Software

Employee relationship management software is a digital tool organizations use to streamline the incident management process and resolve issues quickly. The software includes features that primarily serve to automate manual HR workflows, keep employees in the loop, and speed up incident resolution. By contrast, traditional HR management tools may assist in some level of record-keeping, but they don’t include advanced software that introduces automation throughout an incident’s progress or centralizes documentation for secure, real-time access.

Key Features of Employee Relationship Management Software

Ticketing systems: Ticketing numbers in the software allow both employees and HR professionals to see the status of each case and monitor its progress.

Knowledge bases: The software allows HR to build knowledge bases such as frequently-asked-question (FAQ) resources so employees can refer to these sources instead of asking humans for answers. As an organization grows and onboards more employees, they typically have similar questions throughout their tenure. Knowledge bases allow HR to direct employees to these portals to help themselves.

Self-service tools: Speaking of helping themselves, using employee relationship management software, employees can monitor the progress of their cases—eliminating the need to involve HR for progress updates. If employees do need to submit questions, they can do so through the software to expedite a response instead of having to wait for a meeting.

Analytics dashboards: HR case management software offers a dashboard that displays information about open cases, who they’re assigned to, their priorities, and other details. HR professionals can use these dashboards to monitor ongoing HR operations and generate reports about incidents.

Benefits of Implementing Employee Relationship Management Software

Efficiency and time savings: By hosting answers to common questions in knowledge bases and giving employees self-service options, HR professionals save significant time. They can better use their hours to facilitate a speedy resolution to an incident and see greater efficiency across all HR operations.

Improved employee experience: Resolving incidents quickly and fairly is not just a compliance requirement—it leads to happier employees who grow more satisfied with their work experiences. Happier employees translate into greater productivity and less churn.

Enhanced data security and compliance: HR must keep sensitive employee data secure in compliance with any industry regulations and privacy requirements. Incidents tend to generate tons of such sensitive data—from employee interviews to confidential assertions to financial data. Employee relationship management software is instrumental in protecting this data and keeping it securely stored and accessible only to the right parties.

Better reporting and analytics: Employee relationship management software can deliver insights into incident trends, common issues in an organization, and other patterns to help you make decisions about how to improve your work environment. As the system collects and reports on incident data, your HR team can better identify areas for improvement.

Why Your Business Needs Employee Relationship Management Software

Employee relationship management software is key for achieving three important growth goals:

Scalability: As your business grows and you onboard more employees, your HR team will struggle to keep up with incidents if they’re using traditional tools. Manual methods of organizing and storing issue documentation or processing incident data only slow down resolution—and even risk non-compliance. Employee relationship management software allows your HR professionals to address more issues in less time—scaling case resolution without needing to hire more people.

Information centralization: Having a single repository for all HR-related cases is essential for maintaining clear document trails and data security as well as providing secure access to all relevant parties. The software’s repository acts as a hub for incident-related information so it can be easily retrieved and stored.

Consistency and fairness: Employee relationship management software helps organizations standardize the way they process employee incidents. With established processes and protocols—supported by a central hub of information and resources—HR is better able to justly reconcile issues and resolve incidents using clear procedures.

Modernize Your Incident Management with Employee Relationship Management Software

Leaving incident management up to just humans and spreadsheets leaves room for error, inefficiencies, and slow resolution. Employee relationship management software is key for organizations that want to streamline HR processes, resolve issues faster, and keep employees happy. Investing in the right solution can transform your HR department—turning them from administrative doers into strategic thinkers. Get in touch with All Star today to learn more about employee relationship management software.

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