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4 Advantages of Augmenting Your Human Capital Management System with Configurable Intelligent Automation Software

4 Advantages of Augmenting Your Human Capital Management System with Configurable Intelligent Automation Software

Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin Group, is famous for stating, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

The evolution of human resources (HR) intelligent automation software and human capital management (HCM or HRIS) tools reflect this business approach. While managing the people of an organization used to be considered administrative, today tasks like payroll, recruitment, training, and ensuring employee satisfaction are seen as strategic operations to developing critical business assets.

As you choose technology solutions to support your HR success, you may find a need for tools that are more configurable, functional and less expensive. These tools can help augment your HCM/HRIS systems and fill the gaps with solutions like employee onboarding, employee file management, and employee relations management. All of these are important to integrate into HCM/HRIS. This blog explains why.

What Is Human Capital Management?

HCM is a combination of business strategy and technology. Tools like HCM software support your overall HCM strategy to manage your workforce effectively. HCM has evolved out of HR in response to the realization that elevating the employee experience directly correlates to business growth and success.

Think of HCM as HR on steroids. HCM leverages technology to take employee management up several levels, including talent management and development, workforce management and rewards, and employee engagement. Integrating All Star’s HR solutions with your HCM technology delivers the following advantages.

Advantage 1: Streamlined Administrative Processes

Data entry and paperwork tend to bog down your HR professionals who are highly skilled in tending to new hires, supporting the career advancement of existing ones, and facilitating the natural exit of others. Integrating tools like HR automation with your HCM allows you to reduce redundant data entry and paper-based processes for your HR department.

You can automate processes related to scheduling annual reviews and applying raises, while HR document management software automates workflows and storage. Integrating this type of content platform with HCM software enables you to enhance the management of unstructured content like tax info, contracts, and more.

Advantage 2: Enhanced Employee Experience

Research has found that ​​employee engagement “increases by up to 44% when using HCM systems.” You can increase employee engagement further — and specifically at the outset of their tenure with your organization — by integrating HR onboarding software with HCM.

For example, HR onboarding technology from All Star ensures your organization has accountability for initiating new hires and keeps them responsible for hitting certain benchmarks. This tool keeps employees engaged with new tasks right off the bat. When integrated with HCM solutions, your technologies work together to increase the speed and quality of your hiring processes by automating tasks and workflows associated with recruitment and onboarding. Streamlined onboarding results in fantastic first impressions for new employees and the likelihood of their greater satisfaction as a team member.

Advantage 3: Improved Data Accuracy and Compliance

Integrating data from your HR software with your HCM system helps your organization maintain accurate, consistent employee records. It’s essential for your HR department to maintain these records in a secure manner in order to comply with labor laws and certain HR-related industry regulations. When your HR professionals don’t have to spend time manually tracking records in paper-based systems, your organization saves time and money.

You’ll also avoid legal issues and reduce the risk of costly errors by syncing data across HCM and other HR systems. With one source of truth among all HR platforms, records of instances like pay increases and incidents are easily accessible and retrievable by the right parties. HR employee incident management software in particular is essential to integrate with HCM for this reason.

Advantage 4: Better Decision-Making and Reporting

Only with a fully integrated HR technology ecosystem can you get a truly accurate picture of the success of your HR initiatives. By integrating HCM software with All Star’s HR technologies, you gain more sophisticated reporting capabilities because your systems are able to automatically analyze data and generate reports with the latest information from a centralized source.

Integrated solutions give you real-time business intelligence so you can make data-driven decisions for your organization. Using advanced reporting and intelligence tools, you can see where you have productivity gaps, what processes are helping or hurting HR goals, and how to improve employee satisfaction.

Explore the Power of HR-HCM Software Integration Today

Integrating HR onboarding, automation, and employee file and incident management tools with HCM gives you a modern, advanced HR technology system. Use it to transform your hiring, onboarding, training, and engagement processes. Get in touch with All Star to learn more about how to take advantage of these tools.

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