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Why Use Digital Mailroom to Automate Your Mail Processes

Why Use Digital Mailroom to Automate Your Mail Processes

While every business deals with paper-based mail, some grapple with high volumes of it that bog down a physical mailroom – and the people in it. When bulk mail needs to be processed by humans, it can make for bottlenecks throughout the rest of the business. Employees are only capable of processing so much paper at one time – creating inefficiencies, loss, and delays. Businesses are looking to digital mailroom software to solve this problem. 

Digital mailroom software gives you the ability to capture paper mail, extract and validate data, and automate the delivery to the appropriate person or group based on the data extracted.  Automating your processes will improve efficiencies across your organization and unburden your employees. Read on to discover more about how digital mailroom can help your business transform.

Defining Digital Mailroom Automation 

Digital mailroom software eliminates the burden of routing high volumes of paper mail by automating your mail processes. With it, you relieve employees of having to manually identify and route the paper mail, which will speed up mail distribution within a completely audited and secure process. Digital mailroom collects and indexes the data and electronically delivers it to staff for review, approval, and processing.

Why Automate Your Mailroom Processes? The Benefits of Digital Mailroom 

As part of a broader document management automation strategy, digital mailroom software accelerates transactions and results in better efficiency and productivity across your organization. Here’s how:

Save time and money

Digital mailroom solutions greatly reduce the time mail spends making its way to the right people. As the software automatically classifies, routes, and delivers mail for better response times, your mailroom employees can work on more strategic tasks that contribute to company growth. With humans doing more influential work, your labor dollars will be better spent, and you’ll save on costs associated with compliance and missed deadlines or late fees as well.

Guarantee and simplify compliance

Automating your mailroom processes means your mail passes through secure channels – creating easily discoverable paper trails if you need to produce those for an audit. Your mail is securely stored and retrievable, so you can quickly and painlessly organize documents come audit time. With documents tracked, managed, and retained securely for their entire lifecycle, you’ll simplify your compliance adherence. 

Improve visibility into your business processes

With the analytic capabilities of digital mailroom software, you’ll gain better insight into some operations. Graphical and data-driven dashboards allow you to monitor business processes in real-time and share data with both employees and external parties. You can resolve issues faster by identifying stagnated processes due to missing documents and enabling workflows to get back on track quicker. 

Improve customer service

As digital mailroom automation allows you to accelerate the handling of incoming mail, your business will better address customer needs, requests, questions, and transactions – all faster than you can with manual mail processes. The time saved through automation translates to better customer care. 

If these benefits sound like no-brainers for your business, contact All Star Software today to learn more about digital mailroom. We’ve been helping businesses like yours digitally transform for years, and we’d love to discover how we can aid in your transformation. 

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