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Why You Should Use Fujitsu Business Scanners

Why You Should Use Fujitsu Business Scanners

Many people think of scanners as old technology – lumping them in with fax machines and floppy disks. But scanners are very much still a part of daily business use in organizations both small and large. While businesses have their pick of many scanner technology providers today, Fujitsu is far and away the leader in scanners. The company has invested heavily in advancing its scanner technology to accommodate the modern business – offering power, reliability, and unbeatable performance in every machine. From their cloud-based advancements to their superior warranty programs, Fujitsu is the choice business scanner provider. Below we provide more detail on the types of scanners you may want to consider for your business and the features they provide to help you see the greatest efficiency.

Desktop Scanners for Everyday Use

Fujitsu’s line of desktop scanners is known for their compact size coupled with impressive power. Several are ideal for front office environments, such as reception desks and service counters. These scanners offer the following features (for detailed information on each machine, visit our scanners product page): 

  • Desktop scanners can process between 4,500 and 24,000 sheets per day, depending on the machine.
  • With stable paper-feeding mechanisms, you’ll see fast, high-quality scanning without relying on PC performance. 
  • Brake rollers separate each sheet of paper, so your feeds are clean and reliable.
  • Skew Reducer technology improves feeding performance and eliminates the need to re-feed paper from document edges getting cut off.
  • Paper Protection functions keep documents safe even if they do get jammed by detecting anomalies in sound. 
  • Some desktop scanners offer Fujitsu’s unique, cloud-based PaperStream NX Manager that enables businesses to centrally manage multiple scanners. Users can improve efficiency and security by setting up different authentication methods.
  • Certain desktop scanners come with Stacking Control functions for easy paper collection after scanning, Independent Side Guides for easy setting of mixed batches, and Manual Feed Mode to process each sheet rapidly.

Production Scanners for High-Volume Work Environments

For businesses that need continuous, high-volume scanning, Fujitsu’s line of production scanners combines power with efficiency. With advanced features to handle heavy-duty scanning, these machines offer ultimate control with maximum performance (you can find the full details of each scanner on our product page).

  • The user-friendly design combined with powerful scanning capabilities allows this line of scanners to handle anywhere from 44,000 to 120,000 sheets per day. 
  • Paper Picking Control and Manual Feed Mode allow the machine to handle multiple thicknesses without error.
  • If your business needs to scan multiple types of documents with multiple shapes and thicknesses, some of these scanners offer the ability to process any document from plastic cards to magazines.
  • Automatic Separation Control functionality reduces the need for manual torque adjustments, so users don’t have to attend to paper pick-up problems.

Enjoy Support and Service From the Fujitsu Warranty Programs

Fujitsu’s unique warranty programs allow businesses to run preventative maintenance, so they are never without scanning capabilities.


For the DIY business, the ScanAid Scanner Consumable and Cleaning Kit help you keep your machines running at their best without belaboring staff with maintenance. For consumables that wear naturally during normal use, ScanAid provides replacements. 

Advance Exchange

This economical warranty program is an on-site alternative that provides whole-unit, next-business-day replacement for the equipment. You can access this warranty in all 50 states with service to receive a replacement scanner overnight if Fujitsu Technical Assistance Center (TAC) cannot resolve your issue.


ScanCare Warranty combines preventative maintenance with scanner consumables and training. With an on-site service option including spare parts, labor, and technician travel, this is the most robust preventative maintenance program.

All Star Software has fitted the right scanner to a business’ needs for years. Talk to our experts today to find the perfect scanning technology for your organization.

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