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What Is Sales Order Automation and How Does It Work?

What Is Sales Order Automation and How Does It Work?

As automation technology emerges and becomes more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, organizations are looking to digital processes to speed up and enhance existing lines of work. The sales process is one such line of work. It has many touchpoints that require manual, time-consuming, but vital tasks, and sales order automation takes those tasks off the plates of humans – freeing them to grow the business.

McKinsey & Company reports that B2B sales leaders that use digital transformation solutions have up to five times the growth of their peers. Read on for an in-depth dive into what sales order automation is, how it works, and why organizations focused on growth need it.

What Is Sales Order Automation?

Sales order automation is a software solution that removes tasks such as data entry, data validation (i.e., part numbers, unit price and terms), routing exceptions for review, and other administrative duties from sales, customer service, and operations personnel. It uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a business rules engine to automate many points throughout the order receipt process that inhibit throughput, customer service, and developing customer relationships.

How Does Sales Order Automation Work?

Sales order automation streamlines processing by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks and allowing all involved employees to be more productive. The result is salespeople focusing on sales and the customer service representatives (CSR)/operations team members focusing only on high-value exceptions.

The software automates:

  • The capture of orders from any source.
  • Eliminating data entry.
  • Linking to customer, sub-customer, and order level validations.
  • Populating your line of business system faster and more accurately.
  • Processing the order from receipt through approval of exceptions.
  • Tasks associated with rush and special orders.
  • Customer communications.
  • Document and workflow transaction retrieval for audits and compliance.

Four Major Benefits of Using Sales Order Automation

Among the many benefits of using sales order automation are creating more efficiencies, improving customer service, reducing cost, and eliminating risk.

  1. By allowing sales order automation to automate the extraction of sales order data from all orders, you’ll eliminate 70-90 percent of your manual data entry and validations.
  2. By removing human involvement as much as possible from each order, you’ll save massive costs on labor and redirect salespeople back to selling.
  3. You will speed up sales order processing through automation. By integrating the software, it immediately captures all incoming order documents, extracts order information to store, routes it for exception processing, and posts it to your ERP as quickly as possible with the best accuracy.
  4. As your sales orders become more efficient, your customers will happily feel the effects. Your staff will have quicker access to stored documents to better address customer needs, and your employees will feel empowered to better serve customers.

Integrating sales order automation into your sales department can send your productivity and growth soaring. All Star Software can show you how easy it can be to get started with sales order automation. Give us a call today.

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