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Scenarios to the Perfect Document Capture System

Scenarios to the Perfect Document Capture System

Capture systems are designed to work with scanners in the process of creating indexes for documents so companies are able to store and retrieve documents more efficiently. In order to do this correctly organizations go through 5 different possible scenarios of capture. These involve the scanning and storing of documents, automated indexing, intelligent data extraction, distributed capture, and lastly enterprise capture. All these different phases listed are necessary in order for an organization to fully automate their business processes and operate at maximum efficiency. I will explain each step and how your company will benefit from implementing each or all of them.

One of the first items needed to begin a document capture system is having the ability to scan and store documents. In order to do this you will need a scanner and software, such as Kofax Capture, Oracle Document Capture, Readsoft Documents, etc. in order to get documents into your system. This software gives the user an ability to manually enter information about the document in order to enable simple search and retrieval. Implementing this beginning phase eliminates costly paper and frees up space within your office.

The next phase in this process is having Automated Indexing technology which can read data from documents scanned in. Optical Character Recognition or (OCR) extracts data and automatically fills out index fields which you have created. Data such as PO numbers, date or claim numbers can all be extracted and filled out automatically to improve search and retrieve times. If your company implements this stage you will reap benefits such as significant improvements in cycle times, error rates, and staffing requirements.

The third step in this process is Intelligent Data Extraction. This step dives deeper into data extraction and allows systems to pull more detailed information from documents including extraction of multiple fields. This includes validation of data against backend systems, matching information, and database lookups to enrich what has already been extracted to further automate downstream processes. Continuing on to this stage allows you to feed vital information into multiple Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems which results in the start of significant business advantages.

The fourth step, which is optional and depends on how your company is organized, is distributed capture which involves scanning documents from multiple locations instead of shipping all paper to a central location. This is especially great for larger companies who have a number of locations and would like to expedite this process. Distributed Capture saves a great deal of money on mail and shipping expenses, speeds up data input, and expedites the processing of critical business documents. Using distributed capture throughout your organization allows room for increased productivity elsewhere. As companies grow and continue to offer more remote opportunities, distributed capture becomes an important tool in order to continue processing information fast and efficiently.

The final step you can take in setting up your document capture system is enterprise capture. This phase allows for documents to arrive in an organization and get digitized quickly, accurately, and with the least amount of human interference. Organizations implementing this final stage are extremely complex and capable of reading any kind of barcode and in multiple formats. During this stage documents are distinguished between what type they are and intelligent OCR is able to automatically determine what to do with the document. All data from these documents is captured, validated, and sent to backend systems which results in the perfect document capture solution for your organization.

Combining these 5 phases will not only accelerate your business processes like never before, but will also save a great deal of time and money. The solution will provide you a system where you can capture inbound information, extract pertinent data, allow users to retrieve the data instantly, and have these documents approved and exception processed almost instantly.

Published By: Shane Hardy
All Star Software Systems LLC

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