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The Healthcare Industries need for Document Management

The Healthcare Industries need for Document Management

Since reform and regulation have begun the need for healthcare providers to accommodate these mandates has become necessary. The government has set dates and guidelines in which these rules need to be met and as a result Healthcare offices are under the gun to adhere to these new regulations. Charts, records and other important documents need to be secured and retrieved easily, so setting up document management systems are now inevitable and need to be implemented as soon as possible.

Given the new regulations Healthcare providers need to begin implementing document management solutions while maximizing Return on Investment “ROI” for their company. One of the problems the industry is facing today is choosing one vendor out of many whom are capable of providing great solutions. Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology “CCHIT” solutions are becoming increasingly important and vendors who carry this tend to stand out. Companies who are CCHIT certified and that also offer advanced indexing and workflow capabilities are becoming top clients to choose from. Hospitals can send provider notes, clinical documentation and lab results into workflows which can be automatically routed to EHR resulting in documents to be seen almost immediately. Once these documents are incorporated in the new systems, coders can then spend their time looking for important patient information. The current coding system ICD-9 will be getting replaced by ICD-10 no later than October 2013. With ICD-10 there will be 5 times as many codes and within the first 6 months coder productivity will decrease drastically due to adjustments in the new system. Because of these fears with implementing new systems, there is a large opportunity for businesses that not only have the technology, but can also aid in their customers transition process.

These new advanced solutions for the Healthcare Industry bring outstanding levels of automation and accuracy. By enhancing their systems companies can automatically find and process information to have it routed and indexed with virtually no human or manual intervention. Healthcare practices are in an ever changing world and no one knows the upcoming regulations that will be placed on their data management systems. Current solutions are becoming far more advanced with newer capabilities and improvements in automation. The problem is choosing the correct vendor that can capture important information, extract the data and allow employees to approve and process the information instantly.

Published By: Shane Hardy
All Star Software Systems

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