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Province of New Brunswick Automates Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

Province of New Brunswick Automates Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

In October of 2009 New Brunswick Government finally decided it was time to make a change regarding the processing of their invoices.  The government was processing around 400,000 invoices yearly and it was up to each individual department to manage themselves.  Not only were productivity and efficiency levels decreasing but money was being wasted as well.  Due to new cutbacks and government deficits their system was eventually deemed unsustainable.  After deciding the company wanted to save money, improve efficiency and enable departments to focus more on service, it was finally time to find a solution.

Many companies were able to bid on the project, but only two winners were selected which consisted of All Star Software Systems and Deloitte.  Within weeks All Star got to work on setting up an automated system capable of scanning, sorting, processing and tracking every incoming invoice.  Almost instantly positive results were showing up for New Brunswick.  The province was able to decrease by an equivalent of 25 full time employees and their cost for processing a single invoice dropped from $10.11 to $6.47.  The decrease in cost per invoice alone is equivalent to 1.2 million yearly and this number continues to fall.  With the new system in place New Brunswick has seen more financial benefits than ever.  “It has changed the culture,” says Whelbourn, a UK expat.  The new invoicing system now allows the government to measure, trace and time its performance in processing the thousands of invoices it receives.

Andrea Seymour, the COO of the Internal Services Agency states, “The success with the invoice management system illustrates what’s possible for governments in the current Age of Austerity.  It has let us be more efficient and more effective, which translates into being able to do more with less.  There’s a huge opportunity across all departments of government to streamline, innovate, and step away from the way we’ve been doing things in the past.”

As for All Star Software Systems this marks the first time we have been asked to create a bilingual system.  Paul Pitts explains, “It’s probably one of the bigger solutions we’ve provided, but it stayed on track and we got it done on schedule and budget.  I wish the American government ran as efficiently as those guys do.”

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Published By: Paul Pitts
All Star Software Systems, LLC

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