Getting your Team on Board for ECM Solutions!

If you are like most organizations today then you can relate with the burden of paper. Employee time, expenses, disasters and simply being buried in documents creates an uneasy atmosphere within the office. On the bright side, you know about Electronic Document Management (ECM) solutions and how they decrease your dependency on paper. Some of the results include: an increased savings in money, less time wasted searching for documents, ability to easily route paper, simple workflow solutions for those pertinent documents and smooth integration throughout your current system. Implementing ECM solutions give quick return on investments and become a no brainer for any company to purchase. The hard part is getting the rest of your company on board and here are some simple tips to do so!

First off, make sure to connect with the employees who deal with paper intensive processes on a daily basis. These are the employees who constantly see wasted time and productivity due to paper searching. Customer service is crucial in all businesses and lacking in this can be detrimental to your company’s success. Making customers wait because you are unable to find correct documents or information is resolved immediately with an ECM solution. Convincing employees who interact with customers daily about the huge advantages of Electronic Document Management is an important first step in getting the whole team on board.

Secondly, being able to convince the higher-ups or executive team in the company is very important. These employees have the most influence and decision making abilities in the organization. Showing management the return on investment as well as advantages of capturing documents and sending real time data are crucial components they need to know. Demonstrate how the automating process minimizes the workload, increases employee efficiency, provides consistency and decreases wasted time and money. Make sure they see the positive benefits in ECM software!

Lastly, understand change is a difficult process for many and with a large investment up front it can be difficult convincing employees. Be sure to focus on what ECM will do for the individual and the company. Set up training classes and demos that your ECM System Provider can interact with so they get a better picture of the benefits and features. Getting people informed about ECM Solutions will provide you with an easier ability to convince them in purchasing the correct solution when the time is right.

Using these tips will surely set your organization and employees up for success. With more staff onboard the decision becomes simple when the time comes to purchase and implement the solution! Remember, a team holds more power and productivity than a single unit!

Published By: Shane Hardy
All Star Software Systems, LLC

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