Mobility and Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

Mobile cell phones, smart phones and tablets have become more popular than ever as we move forward into the 21st century. They are selling at record high rates and being used as a one stop shop to access everything you need from networking, banking, internet access, email, business use, etc. Computers are becoming a back-up to smart phones and technology that used to be accessed solely through PC’s are now being converted to cell phone applications. This is exactly what Document Capture companies like Kofax are beginning to do. Leveraging mobile devices to capture and export images such as invoices, receipts and PO’s is something that can be done by simply using a small device in your pocket.

Kofax Capture and MarkView which provides industry-leading information capture and automation abilities to invoice processing / data entry, have now added mobility to accounts payable automation. Capturing images via the smart phone will speed processing times and reduce errors while maintaining the security you need within an enterprise. Additionally, Kofax MarkView is now fully integrated with the Capture product. There is no need to worry about quality or security due to this tight integration between the two solutions. Once the image is captured Kofax VRS technology enhances the image including adjustments to contrast, speckles and lighting on the fly. As for security, the integration between Kofax Capture and MarkView software provides a secure chain of custody, ensuring the privacy of information. All information can be accessed on the mobile device and functions including approve, reject and return to supplier can be used as well.

Capturing, enhancing and exporting documents via your smartphone are cost-effective solutions which all companies can utilize. The software provides faster processing times, increased on-time payments, enhanced security, image improvements, increased internal controls and lastly happy customers! To learn more about mobility and accounts payable automation solutions click here!

Published By: Shane Hardy
All Star Software Systems, LLC

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