Benefits of Document Scanning over a Multi-Function Device

Many network copiers now function as multi-function devices – they can not only copy, but scan documents, email them and some can send directly into other software programs for further processing. Still, most MFD’s are used to copy or scan documents to a network drive. From there, other applications can use them as required. While this is fine in many instances, for applications that require “crisp” images for presentation or OCR purposes, a MFD may not be the best fit.

Many Multi-Function Devices also produce documents that look good to the human eye, although may not be accurate enough for OCR purposes. Also, because of left over borders, specs and shading, the document can be much larger than is actually required. Some of this has to do with the fact that most Scanners (at least the ones we sell) all include Virtual Rescan (VRS) from Kofax. VRS automatically straightens documents with Intelligent Rotation, removes unnecessary borders or speckles using Intelligent Cleanup features and includes automatic hole punch removal! These features help enable VRS to produce the perfect image with a smaller file size that operates efficiently. The end result is better “downstream” processing.

Better resulting images for:

  • Improved accuracy of character recognition (OCR) and (ICR)
  • Lower document preparation time
  • Achieve ROI fast with increased efficiency
  • Shaded images
  • De-skewing and spec removal
  • Automatic removal of black or white borders
  • Kofax profile use to quickly setup scanner settings as required
  • Smaller document size

Paper Handling:

  • Support for variety of different size documents
  • Automatic removal of blank pages (so you can scan in duplex)
  • Better document separation

In summary, MFD’s have their place, but in our experience, a workstation with a good scanner and Kofax VRS does a significantly better job!

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