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Automating HR Processes: Three Ways to Automate Human Resources

Automating HR Processes: Three Ways to Automate Human Resources

The human resources (HR) department handles notorious amounts of paperwork, and all of it is vital to adequately manage your business’s greatest resource: its employees. HR automation has changed the way HR departments deal with documentation, and it has streamlined multiple processes, including onboarding, incidents, reviews, promotions, and more. Below are the essentials to know about how HR automation can benefit your business and why so many organizations turn to it to see better productivity and happier employees.

What Is HR Automation?

Human resources automation is a technology that enables the HR department to go paperless for multiple processes by centralizing the information management of each employee profile. It automates paperwork for tasks that can inhibit productivity and efficiency throughout the department. Beyond just the paper processes, the HR automation solution is an employee relations management tool that handles cases like grievance, whistleblower, performance, and policy issues with many different sub-case types per scenario. However, this is not just an employee paperwork file cabinet. This solution maintains the data, documents, and processes surrounding the employee and all of the different cases an employee could be involved in. You will always have an HRIS line of business system, and this HR automation solution complements and fills the gaps of that HRIS system of record.

HR automation combines intelligent automation with security so HR can spend more time helping employees succeed in their roles instead of processing paperwork and performing other tedious tasks. The solution encompasses the onboarding and offboarding of employees, records management, and any employee relations aspects that are part of our digital transformation journey.

Why Automate HR? The Benefits of HR Automation

Businesses see improvements in areas including cost savings, efficiency, productivity, and more.

Application Integration for Ease of Use

You don’t need to change your existing systems to integrate HR automation with your other HR IT tools. Your line-of-business applications will integrate seamlessly with the solution to give HR complete visibility into each employee profile in addition to doing things your existing systems don’t do or can’t do easily. You will be able to link HR files to corresponding employee data in your other applications, so no stones are left unturned in gaining full insight into an employee profile.

Better Efficiency and Control

HR employees have better-defined roles through HR automation, so only the right personnel can access certain documents. Onboarding experiences for new hires are streamlined because of paperless processes introduced through the solution, so employees can hit the ground running on their first day.

Tight Record Management

HR workers can also create record management policies that enable the deletion of documents or automation of processes that pertain to employee offboarding. Upon the offboarding of an employee, documents can become unalterable and enter a retention period, so your business knows it will only retain records for the amount of time it needs for compliance and records management reasons.

Three Tasks That Can Be Streamlined Through HR Automation

1.Case/Incident Handling

HR is better able to manage and track cases/incidents with employees through software that centralizes access to employee data, related documents, notes, conversations, tasks, and emails. The HR department has a complete view of all the information they need through the software to manage employee complaints, grievances, safety violations, and misconduct. With visibility into the status of cases to monitor progress, HR is equipped with tools to manage issues and follow the right steps.

2. Compliance

All room for human error is eliminated with HR automation – significantly reducing your business’s risk of not remaining in compliance with various labor laws. You’ll also be able to automate tax documentation to easily prove you are charging the correct taxes for your business.

3. Onboarding/Offboarding

The volume of paperwork and tasks involved in onboarding and offboarding employees can overwhelm any HR department, but automating all documentation can reduce both time on the employee’s side and time for your HR workers. Depending on the size of your business, paperwork has to pass through multiple channels with no errors – easily done with HR automation. And new employees will find that they don’t have to enter information more than once, simplifying their onboarding experience. Offboarding becomes seamless, so there are no loose ends that potentially pose risks to your business.

HR Automation Improves Employee Experiences All Around

Both existing employees and future ones will see better efficiency and productivity with HR automation. With fewer hours spent on paperwork and more time spent on nurturing employees, supporting them through transitions and questions, and recruiting, your business will see cost savings as well as happier employees. You’ll also attract talent that is ready to carry your business forward into new growth as today’s prospective employees are looking to join companies that have digitally transformed and have modern and intuitive processes. Contact All Star Software today if you think your business could benefit from an HR transformation.

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