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ERP Integration Solutions

ERP Integration Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables an organization to integrate data and business processes, such as processing an invoice or creating a new employee file, into a single system. A unified database lets many different departments in the organization store data in the same system, thereby enabling all these departments to access the same data from that system. Previously, these different functions were once separate, stand-alone applications, but with ERP they are all under the same umbrella and share the same data.

All Star’s ERP Integration solution allows an ERP system to extend its functionality by content and workflow enabling the ERP system. This is done using point and click configurable and 100% non-invasive tools that require no custom coding or ERP system modification. Functionality like retrieving and viewing documents, indexing documents, initiating or updating workflow packages, initiating eForms and populating Word documents are available using this integration tool. For example, while users are looking at a screen in the ERP system, they can double click on a field in the ERP screen and the integration will run a search for any documents having the same index field value as what was double clicked. When the search is complete, the user can view, email, fax, annotate or print any of the documents associated with the transaction being viewed.

The ERP Integration solution is designed to complement existing investments in your ERP systems and reduce complexity by acting as an extension of existing ERP business applications. All Star’s solution supports integration with products from; SAP, Oracle (eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards), Lawson, Microsoft as well as hundreds of other industry solutions and back office applications. Whether you use a text-based, Java, Windows, Web-based or host application, the ERP Integration solution can be integrated without the need for custom coding.

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