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Integrating the software that runs your business with mobile technology is an essential move that businesses need to make today. The use of mobile devices in any business environment is no longer novel – it’s a given. Your employees need to be able to access transactions and documents in addition to workflow processing from anywhere and on any device, hence making your business applications mobile-ready should be in short order. The consequences of not doing so include limiting users from participating in workflows on the go, which translates into stalled transactions and, ultimately, less productivity.

But going mobile with your ERP is easier said than done. Fortunately, organizations struggling to enable mobility for their line of business applications have some tools at their disposal to make the process much simpler than you may have thought.

What Does It Mean to Take Your ERP Mobile?

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system enables your organization to integrate data and business processes into a single system. Tasks such as processing an invoice or an order don’t have to be done in separate, siloed departments. The unified database that ERP creates allows different departments to store and access data within the same system to facilitate better collaboration and workflow. Taking this system mobile means giving your employees the ability to initiate or participate in workflow regardless of physical location and the ability to interact with real-time or near-time data. You’ll also be able to easily view and interact with data from mobile devices to make decisions in seconds and facilitate better communication among vendors, customers, and coworkers.

What’s Involved in Going Mobile with Your ERP?

Taking your enterprise applications mobile starts with implementing an easy-to-use, configurable, data-driven case management software. With this tool, you’ll be able to create any kind of data structure with any attributes that you want to surface to mobile users. These data structures can reference your ERP data without duplicating that data while simultaneously including other external data fields to be used for additions and updates to the transaction based on the capabilities of your ERP system. You’ll enjoy a configurability factor – allowing you to implement these mobile application solutions with little to no custom coding.

Taking your ERP mobile activates several benefits for your business. With mobility enabled, a transaction in your ERP system that hits a certain status will easily be put into a workflow and sent out via email, web, or mobile device. The interface to work from is based on the user’s preference and the device at hand. From there, users can review, approve, reject, or update that transaction. Users who participate in these workflow processes also have access to supporting documents and tasks based on their security rights. Tasks such as adding supporting documents, forwarding to another user, and executing another workflow process are all provided to the user regardless of the interface they are working from. This is all about filling the gaps and adding value to your existing investment in ERP, all the while doing it quicker and simpler with a configurable tool.

You’ll see improved employee productivity, the ability to deliver better customer service, more accurate data capture, and faster processing times. These speedier, more efficient interactions and transactions all lead to a competitive advantage. Without technical blockages that prevent the seamless communication of your employees to each other and customers, your business has room to grow. Configurable case management is the tool that can provide flexibility and functionality that complements your ERP system in a fraction of the time.

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