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Why use onBase and Kofax Experts for Managed Services? January 2022

Why use onBase and Kofax Experts for Managed Services? January 2022

With so many goals and objectives, resources get spread thin and you may simply not have the in-house expertise or resources to manage, enhance, and update existing solutions and create new solutions. That’s why many businesses are turning to outsourced expertise.

If your business has opted for OnBase and/or Kofax solutions, All Star Software Systems offers managed services to help your organization maximize its investment in those products. Through augmenting your existing staff, we can help you leverage the benefits of OnBase and Kofax so you can more quickly see the return on investment (ROI) with these information management and automation tools across your organization.

Why Hire an OnBase/Kofax Expert?

The most significant benefit of hiring an expert outside your organization is the ability to augment your existing staff. Contrary to many beliefs about outsourcing, bringing on a third party does not mean replacing employees. Instead, the OnBase/Kofax expert will complement your IT staff, fill in gaps in expertise, and handle tasks that free up your employees to contribute to more strategic, high-value initiatives.

How All Star’s Experts Can Help

All Star Software provides managed services specifically to help organizations with OnBase and Kofax software. We ensure your business gets its money’s worth by helping you leverage every aspect of the software solutions that will improve your operations. All Star has resources to address every aspect of these products from standard monthly administration tasks to each task within a project, such as analysis, design, configuration, scripting, integration, testing, training, and project management.

What Type of Options are Available?

You have a few options in how you take advantage of managed services from All Star. Some businesses opt for using our expertise for an established number of hours per month to perform specific tasks or provide general solution support. This is a flexible option that we help fit into your budget to see proactive support and speedy task completion. We can also offer this option in intervals of your choice: daily, weekly, or monthly.

If using our expertise and managed services for a designated period of time would be of better use to your business and provide the most value, you have that option as well. We work with you to provide a flexible, cost-effective way to leverage our task-based, project-based, or support-based services.

We can also help you on a project-by-project basis if your business could best use our resources for individual projects. We can help with any aspect of a software project – from installation through configuration, testing, and long-term management.

All of these options free up your IT staff, minimize your downtime, and promote increased user community satisfaction. You’ll also save money in the long-term by eliminating the need for your staff to maintain certifications and train on new subjects.

Contact All Star Software today to learn more about our managed services offering and how you can get the most out of your Kofax and OnBase solutions.

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