Managed Services for Kofax and OnBase

All Star Software Systems offers a monthly Administration Service for the Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation and OnBase products. “Some of our customers just don’t have the bandwidth or resources to perform tasks that are critical to the constant improvement of our automation solutions” said Paul Pitts, Vice President with All Star Software Systems. “We are an extension of their internal staff and are ready to augment their team with whatever services they require to make the system the best it can be”.
To get the most out of your solution, it is critical that it not only be kept up to date and error free, but requests for adjustment or enhancement must be done in a timely manner to support the business users’ requirements. We recognize that resources are tight and IT staffing is often backed up or simply doesn’t have the expertise needed to effectively administer a complex solution. To cover this gap, All Star offers these managed services for Kofax and OnBase as a supplemental monthly service. 
All Star will perform these functions remotely on specified intervals. All changes will be documented and summarized in report. Any system restarts or changes will be communicated and approved prior to service. All urgent errors will be reported immediately. All other data will be collected and provided in a monthly system report. 
In addition to performing the monthly functions listed below, All Star will provide a block of monthly hours to be used for administrative changes, system changes, training, testing or general assistance that may fall outside of standard support.

Options include: Monthly Services only or Monthly Plus 2, 5 or 10 hours.  Please Contact Us for options and pricing details.


Key Features Include:Benefits
Proactive support and monitoringIncrease user community satisfaction
Rapid execution of end-user administration tasksFree-up IT staff for other priority tasks
Save money by eliminating the need for IT staff to get trained and maintain functionsMinimize downtime by proactively supporting the solution

OnBase Monthly Admin Functions

OnBase System Errors
OnBase Document (checkouts/locks)
OnBase diagnostic log file review
OnBase document maintenance / purge
Locked users
Transaction log review
Run config reports and archive
Scan/Index, DIP, COLD
Uncommitted batches / locked batches
Verification reports
Locked processes

Kofax Monthly Admin Functions:

Kofax Batches
Report on error batches
KTM Knowledge Base learning set review
Kofax stats reporting / Analytics reporting
KTM benchmarking

Kofax System Errors
Kofax Services
Export, PDF, Email
KTM Server Scheduler
KTM KB Learning Service
Kofax / KTM Log file review


Server Functions & Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
Review of service packs/hot fixes and security risks
Review SQL Server Logs
Review SQL Maintenance and logs

Server and Database performance and best practices review
* will be done upon initial review of the solution architecture

ACCELERATING Business Processes