More sectors embrace reporting analytics for HR purposes

More sectors embrace reporting analytics for HR purposes

Reporting analytics solutions have had a dramatic impact on a wealth of organizations and businesses in the past few years, though most notably the ones that were first to adopt the tools given the need to become accustomed to their management and optimization demands. The playing field has become a bit more level in this regard given the ubiquity of managed services that allow a firm to hit the ground running with reporting analytics technologies, and widespread deployments are now stretching across industries. 

Although different firms are focusing on varied objectives in their technological modernization efforts, human resources has become one of the more common targets of reporting analytics investments of late. Because of how data-intensive the relevant procedures can be, automating content management functions and leveraging a reporting analytics tool to get more out of the information therein can help to significantly improve performance in this area of operations. 

Case in point
TechTarget recently reported that the City of Edmonton in Canada has started to embrace reporting analytics technologies in efforts to maintain its stature as a premier municipality for innovation. More specifically, the city provisioned an analytics solution specifically for its HR department, which currently manages roughly 10,000 employees and is working to become as lean as possible to ensure the financial integrity of the local government as a whole, the news provider explained. 

According to the source, the department had been using relatively disparate systems and content management programs to handle varying components of its responsibilities, including onboarding, safety, retention and enablement. Rather than continuing on this path that simply creates too many opportunities for inaccuracies and inefficiency, leaders successfully sold the prospect of investing in a more advanced HR analytics tool.

TechTarget noted that Edmonton has a rapidly growing population, which means the government must scale up appropriately, and HR analytics solutions that integrate properly with the ERP system in place are helping the city do just that.

More reasons to invest
By now, most decision-makers have likely begun to hear about the impending talent gap, while others might already be feeling the sting of this trend. HR analytics can help a company become more intelligent when navigating this particular risk and others involved in workforce management by providing the insights necessary to lead the firm – or a given HR department – in the right direction over time. 

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