Augment Your Core Applications with Information Management and Workflow

Augment Your Core Applications with Information Management and Workflow

Information Management is the backbone of your business, which is why it is vital to have solutions that are designed to fit your organization’s specific needs. At information management’s core are business applications designed to automate processes, manage data and manage documents effectively. It is easy to agree that the main goal for your organization—regardless of its scope or size, is to increase efficiency and productivity across the enterprise and to make information available as easily as possible. Having configurable and flexible tools that augment the core applications you use and add a whole new level of functionality, fills the gaps and gives you the opportunity to add functionality at a significantly lower cost. The ability to easily capture, store and manage documents and data, report on all transactions in or out of the process and automate multiple workflow processes can be incredibly valuable to your business especially without modifying your core business applications.

Simpler Interface, Unlimited Reach

There are innumerable benefits of having a low-code, more agile platform built especially for your business’s unique requirements. One advantage is that employees throughout your organization will enjoy a simpler interface while providing them with a comprehensive view of information regardless of where they are working. Accessing the data they need, while working in an application or from a mobile device, will aid significantly in increasing productivity. No longer will employees be limited when it comes to obtaining job-related resources. Whether it is on-premise or in the cloud, users from any location can retrieve the information they need when they need it and participate in workflow automation. This platform is extremely useful in today’s world of remote workers, allowing them to always be “connected” to the organization.

Another advantage is that those outside your organization, who have been granted secure access, can easily submit forms, track process status and access data and documents online. This aids in offering a greater employee, vendor or customer experience.

A Low-Code Solution that Meets Your Needs Now and in the Future

When deciding to implement a new information management solution, it is crucial for you to understand how and if the solution will meet not just your short-term needs but your future needs as well. Being able to configure and change your information management and automation solution without the need for complicated code (which can be expensive, hard to maintain and time-consuming) is essential. Another important consideration is ensuring that as your business’s needs and requirements change over time that your solution will evolve and grow with it. It is imperative to have a solution that remains current with industry trends and will be enhanced to support all applications within your organization. It is vital that all of your solutions are upgraded at the same time; a shorter downtown means higher profitability for your organization. And with only one system to maintain, you will be able to maintain a greater amount of governance and control.

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