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How to Improve Your New Employee Onboarding Process With Human Resources Onboarding Software

How to Improve Your New Employee Onboarding Process With Human Resources Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding is one of the most crucial processes for a business. It sets up an employee — arguably your most important asset — for success in your organization for potential years to come. Starting on the right foot sets the tone for that employee’s experience at your company and others’ experiences since employees foster your culture.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is that your typical core HR solution for recruitment and employee management doesn’t have the flexibility, functionality, or user access that is required for processes like new employee onboarding. To onboard a new hire, the process requires information from multiple systems and people from multiple departments. Core HR solutions are not geared towards the type of integration, functionality, or user participation required for this solution.

That’s why human resources (HR) onboarding software is essential for optimizing new-hire onboarding. Here are four ways you can improve your HR onboarding process with the right software:

1. Ensure Accountability

In manual employee onboarding workflows, there is often very little accountability on the part of the HR team for who is responsible for bringing the employee through various stages. These conversations are often had over email or online and can leave loopholes or miss steps where employees don’t get the information they need. Onboarding software delivers a tracking system that enables your HR team to both keep HR members on track for ushering employees through onboarding and also employees accountable for completing tasks.

2. Save Time and Money

The longer employee onboarding takes, the longer you have to wait to start to see a return on investment (ROI) from that employee. HR onboarding software takes paper out of the equation and digitizes the onboarding process, which helps speed up workflows and training. Without binders full of contracts, training documents, and educational materials to print out and organize, your HR team can start training immediately, and new employees can enjoy digital methods to begin their learning process.

You’ll also cut costs across the board when you go paperless. Not only do you save on actual paper-based costs like ink and copiers, but you save labor dollars as employees no longer waste time processing paper, shuffling it through workflows, or searching for it in filing cabinets.

3. Promote Consistent Employee Education

One of the greatest thorns for modern business is siloed information — especially in the era of remote work. When only one employee possesses vital knowledge, landslides of inefficiencies can occur if that person leaves the company. Culture-wise, without consistent knowledge across all employees, you cannot cultivate a unified company culture or instill values. That’s where onboarding software ensures every new employee gets the same information and goes through the same training for a consistent onboarding experience.

With every team member on equal footing when they start their job, you’ll see greater bottom-line success. You’ll also have a stronger brand as all employees will be clear about your mission, your vision, and how to achieve both.

4. Improve Remote Employees’ Onboarding Experiences and Success

In the era of remote and hybrid-remote work, businesses need to expand their view of where talent comes from. Should your organization decide to hire outside your physical office’s bounds, you’ll need powerful ways to onboard remote employees so they have the same chance for success as in-person employees. Onboarding software helps you make this a reality. The solution provides access to training materials from multiple device types and any location with an internet connection, enabling remote workers to have flexibility with their onboarding.

Is HR Onboarding Software Right for You?

If you want employees to last at your organization, you must prioritize their onboarding. Employees can only do what you’ve hired them to do — to the best of their ability — with the right tools. HR onboarding software is that tool. Contact All Star today to learn more about how it can transform your HR processes.

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