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How to Improve Automation with ERP System Integration

How to Improve Automation with ERP System Integration

Businesses using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are starting to discover that in order to truly maximize their investment in ERP, they need additional integrations. That is not to say ERP systems as they exist are sub-par, but rather ERP, in general, has been challenged as businesses attempt to add functionality in front of or in parallel with their ERP. There are some things ERP can’t do or does not do easily, and there are information management and automation tools that help fill these gaps to ensure your ERP system performs at its best. Additionally, using external tools that are integrated with ERP can give non-ERP users access to documents, data and workflow that would otherwise be isolated to ERP users.

Research has found that ERP integration is a top priority for 79 percent of organizations. Businesses that have fragmented silos of data and disparate workflows can see exceptional benefits from introducing certain integrations into their ERP systems. Most integrations bring automation to your ERP system — reducing manual, time-consuming tasks, improving productivity, and speeding up industry-specific workflows. Even simple data validation workflows in front of the ERP system can ensure transactions don’t get stalled or backed out of ERP. Fixing a transaction with invalid data can triple the effort compared to a system that only makes users interact with exceptions before entering the ERP system. The ability to easily mobilize an ERP transaction with configurable workflow to an Outlook user or a smartphone user can bring significantly less implementation times to projects.

Why Integrate Automation Into Your ERP?

Whether you have a cloud-deployed ERP system or an on-premise one, integrating automation can provide the following benefits:

  • Augment your existing ERP functionality
  • Improve customer service
  • Ensure document security
  • Speed up review processes
  • Simplify document management
  • Improve cost-efficiency
  • Gain better visibility into business relationships
  • Empower employees with faster access to information
  • Reduce manual, tedious work
  • More functional and simpler to use tools

How All Star Complements Your ERP System With Automation Integration

All Star helps businesses integrate dozens of ERP systems with Hyland OnBase — the industry’s top enterprise content management and process management software suite. Below are a few ERP integrations with OnBase our customers use to get more out of their ERP systems and leverage the power of automation.


Integrating SAP with OnBase helps improve business productivity and cut costs by reducing document storage costs and labor. This integration automates manual work such as information routing and data entry and links SAP-based transactional data to content such as external invoices.

Microsoft Dynamics

OnBase can integrate with Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and D365 to help users better access tools, information, and functionality. Employees no longer need to perform manual indexing and data entry — reducing errors — and they have instant access to all the information they need to process transactions right from a Dynamics screen.


While Salesforce is primarily considered a customer relationship management (CRM) system, it can benefit from automation through OnBase in similar ways to an ERP system. Hyland’s content management and process automation solutions help businesses better manage relationships through Salesforce, enabling rapid document retrieval and minimizing the time workers spend searching for files.

Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise

Connecting OnBase with PeopleSoft enables you to simplify document management by centralizing incoming and outgoing documents, streamlining workflows with instant access to information, and driving productivity as employees don’t have to toggle among applications. Employees also get to keep using their familiar PeopleSoft screens, so no training is required to leverage the integration.

Oracle E-Business Suite

OnBase augments your E-Business Suite solution by delivering real-time visibility and insight into the status of transactions, orders, and online requests. You’ll know your documents are safe through OnBase’s highly secure storage, and you’ll speed up review processes with automatically-initiated workflows.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Quickly and accurately process transactions with a better view of critical information through an OnBase integration. You can connect transactional data in JDE with data stored in OnBase to give users faster access to documents, thereby improving their ability to move along processes and address customer needs.


Connect your Workday financial management software to OnBase to improve accounts payable operations in multiple ways. AP automation breaks down silos of data in your business units and guarantees that information flows among systems for better productivity and efficiency from your AP department. AP will have a complete view of all relevant data without the burden of tedious, manual work involved to get that visibility.

Deltek Costpoint

OnBase and Deltek Costpoint are a natural fit, offering businesses better control over electronic files, easy access to one central repository to store files, and more powerful template solutions. Departments from human resources to billing to contract management can leverage this integration to better manage document-based processes, meet compliance demands, and automate approvals, reviews, and tracking.

By leveraging automation through OnBase, businesses can gain greater control over document-reliant processes. Even more apparent is the ability to avoid bad data from entering the ERP system and causing downstream issues that are more complex to fix in ERP. Data validation and edits are encouraged by ERP vendors to avoid these time-consuming fixes.

If you’re interested in how All Star can help you maximize your investment in your existing ERP system or other software, contact us today. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions.

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