The Top 5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for Infrastructure as a Service

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is growing as a smart choice for businesses looking to accelerate digital transformation. It affords the opportunity to hand off the management and maintenance of your infrastructure to experts so you can get back to what you do best while All Star and your cloud provider take care of security, uptime, and resilience for your infrastructure. Today, many businesses are using IaaS to relieve IT teams and reallocate resources to more strategic tasks that facilitate digital transformation goals.

What Is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a service extends your network that hosts your applications and solutions through on-demand computing, networking, and storage offerings. You move your infrastructure needs from on-premise to the cloud of your choice, which All Star then maintains and manages on your behalf. Between the cloud provider and All Star, your infrastructure management is entirely outsourced to experts.

All Star chooses the Microsoft Azure cloud for all our customers’ IaaS needs. Why? Read on.

Our Top Five Reasons to Use Microsoft Azure for IaaS?

1. Better Security

In this era of ever-evolving cyber threats and malicious actors, businesses need to prioritize security. Microsoft understands that and has devoted countless resources to shoring up security for its cloud offering, Azure. The company has designed Azure to:

  • Protect your data from a variety of threats
  • Keep you compliant with various regulations, no matter the industry
  • Protect both the platform itself and your end-users
  • Employ multi-factor authentication and advanced disaster recovery

2. Increases in Stability and Reliability

Using Azure for IaaS enables you to hand off the maintenance of your infrastructure to experts who take care of upgrades and problems. You’ll always have the latest, most secure version of the software, and you’ll know you’re getting reliability that meets your service-level agreements (SLAs).

3. The Ultimate Scalability

When you leverage Microsoft Azure for IaaS — with All Star’s expertise — you can easily scale up or down if there are spikes in resource demand or circumstances that require you to cut back. Your ability to scale with ease and cost efficiency globally makes your business more agile, your IT resources more capable, and you better able to accommodate the unexpected.

4. No Hefty Upfront Costs

Using IaaS means you do not have to pay for the costs involved in managing a physical data center or anything associated with its maintenance, such as configuring and hardware fees. IaaS through Microsoft Azure is a subscription model, so you can optimize the costs of keeping your data secure and online — and never pay for more than what you use.

5. Augment Your Current IT Infrastructure

If you wish your development team could deploy apps faster with little-to-no downtime, IaaS through Azure is for you. The environment introduces no learning curve and enables your business to speed up content delivery.

Why All Star Uses Azure for Our Customers

Outside of the unmatched benefits from Microsoft, All Star chooses Azure for our customers using IaaS for several reasons:

  • You can innovate faster as your IaaS solution adds storage and computing power to your resources in minutes.
  • Our customers have been able to smartly reallocate budgets and resources through this solution.
  • Flexibility is a must-have in today’s swiftly-evolving technology environment — something we’ve seen Microsoft deliver time and again.
  • There is no compromise in security through Azure.

If you’re interested to see how digital transformation is possible through IaaS and Azure, contact All Star today. We can show you the cost savings and operational improvements through these two powerful solutions.

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