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Digital Transformation & Remote Workers

Digital Transformation & Remote Workers

We are sure you and your organizations are feeling the incredible pressure of focusing on everyone’s health, as well as the urgency to continue conducting business no matter where people are working. And all of this at a time where the typical expectation is to get things done “right now.”

The need for unanticipated solutions dictates an urgency that deviates from the traditional procurement processes. With there being a heavy focus on HR-related tasks, the ability to configure asset management for remote worker equipment and employee issue solutions creates immediate relief for immediate needs. These solutions are not just for the new hypersensitive requirements we are experiencing but can be applied to any type of transaction, information, and process much like we have talked about in the past. Low to no code configurability is at the root of our software. Organizations needing to launch applications and solutions can do so by quickly leveraging business process management, robotic process automation, information management, information sharing, and mobility tools all within a single platform. This is your digital transformation and intelligent automation launching pad.

Intelligent automation is about using all these technologies in concert with your existing core applications to deliver the information management and automation capabilities in a fraction of the time, all while working in the constraints of today’s “remote” workers. We are providing the tools to ensure all employees have the information they need to do their work — contracts, invoices, orders, HR, policies, incidents, and more. With these tools, all employees are enabled to do their jobs with greater efficiency and connectivity, while offering everyone personal well-being through the kinds of social distancing recommended by the World Health Organization.

Information management and automation truly affect your business in every way, from improved turnaround times, responsiveness, notifications and escalations, email and mobile access, online portals for internal and external users, etc. Information can be at your fingertips where and when needed to continue with business as “normal” as possible. This may be the new way of doing business, and we would genuinely appreciate the chance to work with you to develop your go-forward architecture for intelligent automation and digital transformation.

Please reach out to us at to discuss how we can help your immediate and long term needs for digital transformation in the world of the remote worker.

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