Include All Leftover Invoices to Get the Most Out of Your Ariba Invoice Workflow

Include All Leftover Invoices to Get the Most Out of Your Ariba Invoice Workflow

The Ariba eInvoicing network is fast becoming an industry standard when it comes to electronic invoicing. The efficiency with which you can validate and automate your invoices before entry into an ERP system is unmatched in the industry. However, the Ariba network does not capture invoices that come from certain connection points, including paper and email attachments.

Unless your business is completely digital and your customers function in a totally homogeneous manner, you need a viable supplement to the network. That network is the All Star Software Systems specialty invoice capture to the Ariba Network.

What Does the All Star Software Systems Do for Ariba Network Users?

All Star’s solution will allow you to easily capture paper invoices, email attachment invoices and other invoice transactions (XML, DB, EDI, Excel) that are not originating in the Ariba network. Once captured, the system allows you to automatically extract relevant header and line item data and to validate that data based on; extraction confidence, calculations or ERP validations. Once validated, the PO invoices can be matched against your ERP system and the Non-PO invoices can be coded manually or automated with vendor defaults. At that point, the invoices can be injected into your Ariba workflow solution and follow the Ariba workflows already in place.

The Power of Automation

All Star’s ability to automate functions that would normally require a full-scale manual effort leaves your employees available for the creative and strategic work that expands companies. This level of automation eliminates as much of the effort from invoices that may never be a part of the Ariba network.

Real Time Reporting

Fast-moving data helps you create a real-time analytics platform that will also improve the integrity of your financial records. All Star’s solution can provide a single user interface to all invoices being processed in the invoice capture solution, in the Ariba workflow solution and in your ERP system of record. Staying abreast of your most sensitive data is paramount in a business environment that moves at lightning speed, especially if your business is trying to expand into new markets or territories, scale its volume or deal with new competition in its industry. Optimizing your invoices also leads to an immediate and marked improvement in day-to-day customer service. Your front-line employees will thank you for information they can count on and a system that allows for a more intimate customer service environment.

Contact us to fill in the gaps to processing all your invoices in your Ariba workflow. Your investment in the Ariba invoice workflow is essential to your business, and you should optimize its usage to handle all of your invoices with All Star Software Systems’ invoice capture solution.

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