Microsoft Outlook Integration

Integration for Microsoft Outlook 2016 enables a Microsoft® Outlook® 2016 user to store email messages and their attachments. It also allows users to retrieve and view documents in OnBase, as well as participate in Workflow, create eForms and access WorkView objects.

Email messages and their attachments can be imported by dragging the email to a preconfigured OnBase Outlook folder. The folder can be configured to automatically index email messages and their attachments, or allow the user to index email messages and their attachments. OnBase can automatically add index information from the email’s metadata such as To, From, Subject Line, Date Received, and Message ID.

Archived email messages and their attachments are immediately available for OnBase users to view, and can be configured to participate in Workflow. The email messages can be archived in the native Microsoft MSG format or in the format in which it was written; HTML, Plain Text, or Rich Text. Attachments are stored in their native format in OnBase.

Organizations can benefit from using OnBase in conjunction with the familiar email program interface, reducing training costs. Email and attachments can be quickly and conveniently archived. Not only will the email documents be available immediately to other OnBase users, the documents can also be incorporated into Workflow activities for action and follow up. The OnBase Workflow interface creates a smooth segue from email processing to workflow processing.

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