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OnBase ONE Platform

OnBase ONE Platform

OnBase – ONE Platform

OnBase provides a single enterprise information platform that consists of workflow, data and case management, enterprise content management and capture all on a single database and within a single application. Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) for the OnBase platform is available with our complementary offering, ShareBase.

By combining all of these capabilities, OnBase serves as a low-code rapid application development platform, which can be utilized to create content and workflow enabled solutions across your entire enterprise.


Workflow empowers you to audit and accelerate both unstructured and structured processes. Point and configure over two hundred out of the box rules and actions. Put action behind your data and documents from the time it enters your organization. More…

Data and Case Management

Manage and action on data where your core system doesn’t do or doesn’t do easily. Data stored in various databases, Lotus Notes, old workflows can all be moved to a rapid application development platform that has integrated workflow, document capture and content management. More…

Enterprise Content Management

Manage your content from the point of inception all the way through the information lifecycle until final archival and destruction. More…


Capture physical and electronic content no matter if it is paper, email attachments, ERP generated reports, EDI or MS Docs. Automate the data capture without the use of templates to eliminate data entry into your ERP or core systems. More…

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Hyland’s enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) product provides secure cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control. More…

Rapid Application Development

Rapidly configure content and workflow enabled business applications, minimizing the need for multiple niche vendors and costly custom coding. More…

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