Faxcom Enterprise Fax Management


Biscom provides several software applications for fax management and secure document delivery, including our Workflow Enterprise, Job Tracking, and Advanced Fax Routing.

FAXCOM® Suite for Windows

FAXCOM® Suite for Windows is a Windows-based fax server solution that integrates natively with Active Directory and Active Directory Group Policy, and is managed via an MMC.

Tracking & Reporting

FAXCOM Job Tracking notifies you when delivery of a fax exceeds time limits and logs all fax details in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The Job Tracking Reporter provides both summary and detailed reports including totals and averages of fax activity and fax server utilization statistics.

Workflow & Fax Delivery

DocFlow provides organizations with alternative methods of delivering documents via fax and email without the need to modify or recode existing applications. DocFlow is a software application that operates in conjunction with the FAXCOM Queue Service and the FAXCOM Server.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow Enterprise is a workflow application that enables businesses to review documents, such as received faxes, scanned paper documents, and electronic files, to capture document data to a searchable database, and to route documents through roles-based workflows.

Advanced Fax Routing

Advanced Fax Routing is a document routing application that provides a rules-engine for routing documents to users, applications, and network applications based on information captured via OCR and barcodes, business rules, and queries to network resources.

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