Faxcom Fax Server for Windows

Faxcom Fax Server for Windowstechnologypartners_biscom

FAXCOM® Suite for Windows is a Windows-based fax server solution that integrates natively with Active Directory and Group Policy, and is managed via an MMC.

FAXCOM Suite includes three fax applications and also supports Application Programming Interfaces (API).

  • SMTP Gateway – Users and applications send and receive faxes through Outlook or any other SMTP mail client. Installs as an SMTP Gateway that communicates with your Exchange or other SMTP server.
  • FAXCOM Client – A workflow-optimized fax client for sending, receiving, and tracking fax messages. Includes a folder-based UI, printer driver, and fax viewer.
  • Web Client – A browser-based fax client for sending, receiving, and tracking fax messages. Login from any Internet-enabled device.
  • APIs – Fax-enable business applications and processes through common interfaces such as COM, Java, Web Services, and SMTP.

Biscom’s fax server for Windows supports a common feature set across the multiple environments, including the capability to:

  • Send, receive, and track faxes from the desktop
  • Save fax addresses to Contacts or to a phone book
  • Choose from multiple fax cover pages
  • Choose the date and time for fax delivery
  • Assign a priority to an outbound fax

FAXCOM Suite for Windows provides the capability to manage the FAXCOM fax server solution as an enterprise application, while allowing remote sites to locally administer their own fax queues and users. Fax queues can be easily created from a central location and pushed out to remote servers.

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