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  • Get the industry’s leading production fax server & software: Biscom
  • Enterprise fax technology used by the world’s largest companies
  • Advanced features include OCR, Barcoding, Workflow, and more
  • World-class, direct customer support

As the central component of Biscom’s fax product line, the FAXCOM® Fax Server supports not only document delivery via fax, email, and the Internet, but also handles incoming and outgoing document workflow. Because Biscom’s enterprise-class technology is built to be extremely flexible, highly scalable, and easy-to-use, it can be implemented almost immediately to meet the demands of global businesses.

Windows fax server platform

FAXCOM is the industry’s leading Windows fax server.

Fax Over IP (FoIP) / T.38

Support FoIP and traditional fax telephony (T1/PRI/Analog).

Fax-enable MFPs

Available for Sharp, Xerox, HP, eCopy and others. Learn more.

Fax to and from production applications

Send and receive faxes from Oracle, SAP, iSeries, SharePoint, and many more.

Send and receive faxes from your inbox

Enable users to manage faxes from Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Domino, and SMTP.

Virtual Fax Servers

Virtualize your fax severs with VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, XEN, and Citrix.

Access faxes from any client

Browser-based, Windows-based, and/or Workflow-based fax clients.

Rules-based fax routing

Biscom’s Advanced Fax Routing includes OCR, Barcode reading and more.

Integrated with Directory Sevices

Integration with LDAP-compatible Directory Services – Active Directory, eDirectory, Domino, and more.

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