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  • Improve Document Workflows with Document Capture, Indexing, and Routing
  • Easily search and retrieve document images
  • Distribute document image processing across a workgroup
  • Eliminate lost document images and more

In corporations, managing high volumes of documents is a tedious and time consuming task. Management of documents (paper & electronic) without a workflow solution is labor intensive and inefficient. Lacking a solution, users are forced to manually identify, sort, and archive documents. File-based management requires users to develop naming conventions or folders to categorize saved images. Paper-based management requires physical storage space and it consumes worker time. Searching and retrieving “processed” documents is cumbersome and requires users to sift through sub-folders or file cabinets to find a particular document.

Biscom offers two solutions that streamline the management of documents:

Workflow Express (Departmental)

Biscom Workflow Express is a software application that streamlines the procedure of processing document images. Users are presented with the document image along with a number of customizable fields where they enter information about the image. All information is stored in a searchable database so that images can be retrieved quickly and easily.

FAXCOM® Workflow Express is designed to support the needs of small businesses, departments and workgroups. Multiple users can select from a list of available unprocessed document images. FAXCOM Server ensures data integrity for multi-user access of the same image. In addition, if a document image does not provide all required information, users can annotate the image and send a fax to the document’s originator requesting the needed input.

Key Benefits of Biscom Workflow Express:

  • Easily search and retrieve document images
  • Keep an online archive of document images
  • Distribute document image processing across a workgroup
  • Eliminate lost document images
  • Significantly reduce costs

Key Features:

  • Annotate Images
  • Customizable data entry fields
  • Forward to email recipients
  • Forward to fax recipients
  • Split pages in multi-page document images
  • Virtual staple: two or more document images can be joined together
  • Accept email and scanned images in addition to fax images

Workflow Enterprise

Workflow Enterprise is an application for processing document images – typically as part of a business workflow where roles are assigned to perform specific functions. In a typical workflow, document images progress from role to role based on information specified in data entry fields. In response to the data entry, Workflow Express updates the status of the image and, if specific criteria have been met, transitions the image from role to role. In addition, Workflow Enterprise supports Alert roles, where an individual can receive a visible and audible alarm if escalation is required. Such a role enables a manager to efficiently leverage the live business process information being recorded by the Workflow Enterprise application. Workflow Enterprise supports document inputs such as received faxes, received Biscom IP FAX documents, scanned paper documents, and electronic files.

Searchable Document Database

The Workflow Enterprise application stores the data captured by workflow recipients to a searchable database, along with records on document access and user actions. This database, Biscom’s Job Tracking application, tracks all Workflow Enterprise documents, records events in a Microsoft SQL relational database, and generates alarms when workflow steps exceed time limits. Job Tracking includes a Web-based report generator for generating many different reports summarizing and detailing system activity.

Creating and Configuring Workflows

The workflow creator/administrator can do all of the following:

Add workflows, which includes:

  • Specifying workflow details

    – Creating workflow roles

    – Defining the data entry fields required for the workflow

    – Configuring data entry fields specific to each role

    – Configuring templates for sending outgoing faxes

    – Configuring outgoing fax authorization

    – Configuring image criteria

  • Import/export workflows
  • Specify User Proxies
  • Specify workflow routes
  • Configure LDAP integration

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