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Job Tracking, Biscom’s fax delivery monitoring application, works in conjunction with the Biscom fax server (both Windows and Linux versions), hosted fax services, and a FAXCOM Queue running in FAXCOM Suite for Windows.

As an added component of a FAXCOM fax solution, FAXCOM Job Tracking provides the following advantages:

Alarm Notifications

FAXCOM Job Tracking can be configured to notify specific recipients via multiple methods (email, page, print, SNMP, workstation beep) whenever the Job Tracking service detects an active job that has exceeded the specified fax delivery time limits.

Extensive Logging of FAXCOM Jobs

All FAXCOM job information is automatically stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Visibility to this information is possible via the Job Tracking Reporter, which provides over 20 standard reports. These reports fall within two basic types: Summary and Detail. Summary reports provide totals and averages of fax activity. Detail reports produce a row in the result for every matching item in the database that matches query criteria.

User-Defined Reporting

With the Job Tracking Reporter, you can modify standard reports to your own specifications. If you find that one of the 20+ reports cannot be modified to meet your exact needs, customized reports can be created by Biscom’s professional services team.

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